Dishonored 2: How to Rob the Black Market | ‘Black Market Burglar’ Guide


Why pay for what you can steal? Dishonored 2 is all about finding clever ways to solve problems, and giving money to the over-priced black market shop is definitely a problem. Stealing from the guy will also earn you the “Black Market Burglar” trophy / achievement, along with smattering of goods as reward for your effort.

It can be done very early in the story with either of the two main characters. In Dishonored 2, you choose to play as previous-hero Corvo or the adult daughter of the Empress, Emily Kaldwin. Both have their own special abilities and playstyles, but when it comes to thievery — they’re both pretty darn good at it.

How to Rob the Black Market

You’ll first encounter the Black Market Shop in Mission 2: Edge of the World. You’ll be ordered to find the Addermire Institute, with an optional objective to Locate the Black Market Shop. To steal from the Black Market, you’ll first need to find the key.

  • Black Market Key Location:
    • Follow the optional objective marker to the Black Market Shop. Up the stairs, climb out the window on your right.
    • Across the rooftop, you’ll find a quarantined building that’s been infected with bloodflies. Run to the top floor, and enter the room with the chunk of wall missing. Crawl into the (formerly) fancy residence and look for the barred door to the left of the piano.
    • Climb up onto the dresser blocking the door and crawl through the gap to find more stairs leading up. Upstairs, you’ll find a room with bloodflies — kill them, and smash the blue-hued aquarium in the back to find the hidden Black Market key.

From the infected room, you can smash the window and drop down to get behind the Black Market Shop. Sneak past the sleeping individual and unlock the door with your new key. Now you can stealthily tons of stock.

  • Items to Steal in the Black Market Shop:
    • 2x Grenades
    • Sticky Grenades
    • Pistol Bullets
    • Pistol
    • Everything from the cabinets.

There’s more to find in the shop, including a rune / bloodcharm. Just don’t kill the shop owner! You don’t want to miss out on any future deals, right?

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Black Market Burglar
    • Rob a Black Market shop

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