Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 4

The fourth mission of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider sends Billie Lurk to a zone that we’ve already visited once before. The Royal Conservatory was once a bastion for witches and evil rituals — now the Abbey of the Everyman have the heretical structure locked down like a crime scene. They’re busy torturing captured witches and burning books, making it (slightly) easier to completely avoid any encounters.

Here, we’ll explain how to complete the mission as non-lethally as possible. For instance, there’s a secret path into the Royal Conservatory basement that’s only available if you knock on the door while disguised as an Abbey soldier. You can also collect the mission critical silvergraph from the leader of the local Oracular Sisters, but only if you Semblance one particular Vice Overseer. Learn all the tiny tidbits and get some tips below.

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Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 4: The Stolen Archive

[NOTE: This isn’t a step-by-step guide. Here you’ll find how to complete every mission using the alternative, low chaos solution.]

Billie Lurk has a weapon that can kill the Outsider. Now she just needs a way into the void. The only information available  is in the Royal Conservatory, the site of a witch coven in Dishonored 2, now taken by the Abbey of the Everyman. They’re purging the place, so finding the information we need won’t be easy.


Finding The Stolen Archive

Before Billie can find the Stolen Archive, she’ll need to read a ledger on the street outside the Royal Conservatory. The burning pyre of heretical objects won’t help you — reach the paper on the makeshift desk when the guards aren’t looking. Use Semblance with the guard on the far right to make this part easy.

You’ll learn that the leader of the Oracular Sisters here is keeping special documents in the Curator’s Office. If you’ve played Dishonored 2, you’ll know where that is — inside the main atrium, upstairs.

Infiltrating the Royal Conservatory

There are multiple paths into the Royal Conservatory. Let’s use a safe path. Beneath the stairs, to the right of the main entrance, there’s a side door being watching by an Abbey guard. Approach with Semblance and he’ll let you through.

Knock on the basement door, still with Semblance active, and the guard will let you in. Go up the stairs to the left of the interrogation room, or continue through the basement to the central stairwell with the deactivated elevator.

The conservatory is crawling with Abbey soldiers, so always look for new ways to renew your Semblance. Once you reach the stairs, you’re free to go up to the third floor. It’s completely papered-over and covered with canvas, and you’ll only find Oracular Sisters here.

Stealing The Archive

On the third floor, grab the single Oracular Sister and use Semblance to easily access the Curator’s Office. Everything you need is actually on the second floor of the office. Climb the stairs — most of the sisters are on the terrace, but there’s one man you need to easily acquire the archive. Brother Cardoza is in the room to the left as you reach the top of the stairs.

Wait for the Sister to leave, then knock out Brother Cardoza and use Semblance. When that’s done, go to the terrace with Cardoza’s face and talk to Sister Rosewyn to gain the silvergraph you need. There’s just one objective left.

Use A Silvergraph Projector

There are multiple silvergraph projectors on the map, but there’s only one we need — in an office with typing Abbey guards, near the Curator’s office entrance. Go down the stairs and knock out a guard near the conference room, in the adjacent office.

Enter the typing room and insert the silvergraph into the projector. It will mildly alert the guards; they’ll go back to their work instantly, and won’t raise an alarm. Take the silvergraph and make your way back out of the conservatory. Return to Billie’s outpost and interact with the luggage to move on to the fifth and final mission. It’s time to take down the Outsider.

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