Dishonored: Death of the Outsider All Bonecharm Locations | Collectibles Guide

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider marks as the third installment to the Dishonored series. Within the video game, players take on the role of a former-assassin Billie Lurk.

Meeting with her mentor, Billie Lurk decides to help in the grand quest of finding the Outsider and taking their foe down after it was discovered that the Outsider is a supernatural being who can bestow magical powers.

In this particular guide, we’ll showcase where you can find all the Bonecharms, which are mystical objects that were crafted by the bones of various animals and humans. Acquiring these Bonecharms will grant unique effects to the user which can be used as an aid to their mission.

[Note: This is a work-in-progress article. Check back often for future updates.]


One Last Fight

[Total Bonecharms: 6]

  • Bonecharm #1: Head down to the abandoned train cart and walk to the sewer pipes. Climb up them followed by climbing into the open window. You’ll find the Bonecharm lying on a desk with the combined chalkboard.
  • Bonecharm #2: Head into the Albarca Baths and go to the right side of the boxing ring and into the service booth where you’ll find the Bonecharm on a small desk in the corner of the room.
  • Bonecharm #3: Make your way up into the antic area of the Albarca Baths which will be laying on the long worktable.
  • Bonecharm #4: Near the worktable will be a small hole in the brick walling, turn off the steam by interacting with the red wheel connected to the pipes then go through the opening. Walk down the catwalk and then head to the back and through the white door which will lead you to a brewery. Grab the key which from the NPC inside the brewery then open up the drawer next to the sink.
  • Bonecharm #5: Go back out from the brewery and continue upwards to the room on the right which will be the boiler room. Interact with the Vise to obtain the next Bonecharm.
  • Bonecharm #6: Go back outside and continue up into the next room on the right. Continue making your way down the corridor and make a left into the next room, and take out Janette Lee to find a Bonecharm.

Follow The Ink

[Total Bonecharms: 18]

  • Bonecharm #1: Displace onto the roof of the carriage stop during the beginning of the mission. Afterwards, Displace onto the gate, followed by going onto the lamp post. From the lamp post, you should be able to Displace onto the green building roof where a Bonecharm will be resting on.
  • Bonecharm #2: Located on the front desk of the Red Camellia beauty parlor.
  • Bonecharm #3: Within a bookcase of the building next to the Red Camellia. The bookcase will have a grate over it, so push the button to raise the grate and grab the Bonecharm.
  • Bonecharm #4: Head past the performing mime and down the stairs. You’ll find a Bonecharm resting on a low hanging roof.
  • Bonecharm #5, #6, #7, #8: These Bonecharms will be located within the Black Market.
  • Bonecharm #9: Within the tent behind Ivan Jacobi. This will be at the Colibron Plaza as Ivan will be practicing a speech.
  • Bonecharm #10: In the wine cellar of the apartment building across from Ivan Jacobi.
  • Bonecharm #11: Use the stairs going by Ivan Jacobi’s office. Displace over the spiked fence area of the balcony and follow it up by going over to the patio. You’ll find a Bonecharm on a table.
  • Bonecharm #12: Go up to the window of the second floor area outside Cienfuegos Pharmacy. A Bonecharm will be behind a display cabinet.
  • Bonecharm #13: In a displace case within Shan Yau’s home. You can learn the secret knock to enter the home by going to Eolina’s home.
  • Bonecharm #14: Obtain a Dumbwaiter Room Key from a servant within the Shan Yun residence. Use the key to enter the Dumbwaiter in the kitchen and select the second floor. A Bonecharm will be located on the desk.
  • Bonecharm #15: Located on Shan Yun, he will be in the third floor bedroom.
  • Bonecharm #16: Within the study safe. You must use the golden audiograph from the second floor private gallery and play it near the safe for it to unlock.
  • Bonecharm #17: Located behind the bar of the Spector Club.
  • Bonecharm #18: Located on the desk within the saferoom at the Sepctor Club.

The Bank Job

[Total Bonecharms: 11]

  • Bonecharm #1: From the start of the Carriage Station area, look up towards the left and displace onto the fan followed by displacing on top of the light post hanging on the building on the opposing street side. Once you are on the light post, displace to the roof of the building where a Bonecharm will be resting within a blue bin.
  • Bonecharm #2: Look out and spot the red building with an awning and private balcony. Displace to that particular building roof, you may find it best to displace onto a light post first before going to the roof. The second Bonecharm will be resting on the table.
  • Bonecharm #3: From that roof, displace onto the light post further down the street located towards the back of the roof from Bonecharm #2 location. Once on the light post, displace onto the ground and head down towards the left of the canal. You’ll eventually hit some stairs and a small house in which the Bonecharm will be behind the metal siding inside the building.
  • Bonecharm #4: Jump into the canal and swim under the second boat, the one closest to the wall. Loot the dead body for a key then hop back onto the boat. Use the key on the gated door within the boat where you will find a Bonecharm in a small box on the left hand side.
  • Bonecharm #5, #6, #7: Head out onto the boat area and displace towards the corridor on the left hand side. Continue through the corridor and then make a left once you hit the railway tracks followed by into the black market where you can buy or rob them.
  • Bonecharm #8: Head out from the black market and then make a left up the stairs and towards the bank. Once in front of the bank, make a left and scale the wall followed by running into the open room. It’s here that you can get a Whale Oil tank along with a means to fill it up. Grab the filled Whale Oil tank and make your way across the courtyard to the other side Use the Whale Oil machine which will be a lift. After you reach high enough to displace onto the building rooftop then do so. You’ll find a Bonecharm located right on the table next to the fire.
  • Bonecharm #9: The last three Bonecharms will be in the inner atrium of the bank. Once you get to the inner atrium, go down to the archives then go to the doorway with the electrified flooring. Displace onto the open grate then drop down into the room and make your way to the counter with a fireplace below it. Open the drawer to find a Bonecharm.
  • Bonecharm #10: Head up the stairs from the inner atrium and go into the Directors Office. Go the the desk and push the button behind it to open up a painting in the room which has stashed away the Bonecharm and Vault Key.
  • Bonecharm #11: Use the Vault Key to interact with the vault. Inside, open up the safes 011/235/813/213/455/891. You’ll find the last Bonecharm in one of the safes.

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