Metroid: Samus Returns – How To Pass Red Spikes | Progression Guide

Red spikes, those crystalline outgrowths found in every area of Metroid: Samus Returns, aren’t exactly an easy obstacle to avoid. Unlike other objects in the environment, like the strange electric kelp-like growth, there’s no easy way to break or pass through the red spikes. In fact, it seems downright impossible in some areas.

And that’s because it totally is. There is no way to break and walk through red spikes. They’re completely impassable, and sometimes it looks like Samus simply can’t access areas blocked off by these terrible red spikes. Normally, you’ll have to find alternate routes to get through — using the Spider Ball or Grapple Beam, or doubling-back and finding a new path. Sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes, you’ll have to get creative.

How To Break Red Spikes | Progression Guide

Red Spikes are everywhere, and they hide some of the trickiest collectible energy tanks and missile upgrades. To get through red spikes, sometimes you’ll need a new power. Sometimes, you’ll need an ability that’s totally new to Samus Returns.

  • Super Bomb Launch Skill: To launch Samus in a straight line in any direction, use the Spider Ball and drop a Super Bomb while clinging to a wall. When the Super Bomb explodes, it will launch Samus (in morph ball form) in any of the cardinal directions.

The Super Bomb Launch skill is brand new to the Metroid formula, so it’s pretty easy to see why you might get stumped on this particular challenge. We totally were for a long time, too.

Samus Returns includes a few other less-secretive abilities that are completely unique to this remake. The melee counter and all of the Aeion powers are only found in Samus Returns. The melee counter adds another wrinkle to the battle system, and the Aeion powers drain a new energy bar in Samus’ armor, giving you extra armor or a scan that reveals nearby hidden items or secret rooms. The Super Bomb Launch isn’t explained anywhere, adding it to the list of special moves that are never really explained in-game. That’s just part of the charm of a Metroid title.