Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 1

Welcome to the Low Chaos walkthrough for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Instead of indiscriminately killing targets and blasting through bad guys, here we’ll reveal how to take advantage of alternate methods for completing missions. There are multiple paths to victory, and these are the least obvious objectives.

This won’t be a step-by-step walkthrough either. Really, it’s just about how to complete each mission without killing the target, or causing chaos will getting your other objectives done. There are so many tiny wrinkles to these maps, passages and mini-quests or unique interactions, this guide is about focusing on those clever, easy-to-miss facets.

In the first mission, Billie Lurk must rescue her old mentor Daud. You won’t have any powers in this mission, so it’s all about stealth and collecting goodies. You’ll be able to sneak through maintenance tunnels or bribe guards to discover alternate paths. And don’t forget to always listen to the rats. They’re full of mission hints.

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[NOTE: This isn’t a step-by-step guide. Here you’ll find how to complete every mission using the alternative, low chaos solution.]


To complete the mission without killing everyone in the Albarca Baths, you’ll need to free Daud from his captors. The path into the Albarca Baths is unguarded — Billie Lurk can just walk right into the first floor fighting area and find Daud trapped in the pit below.

A special device is suppressing Daud’s connection to the Outsider, removing his powers. If you disable the device, using the switch just above his containment cell, you’ll free Daud and chase off all the gang-members inside. They’ll scatter the minute Daud is free.

How To Free Daud:

To free Daud, you’ll need to collect Jeanette’s key. The leader of the Eyeless gang is carrying the key on her belt, and she’s located in the upstairs office beside the kennel. Getting upstairs is the tricky part — the upstairs is a restricted area. If you’re seen, the Eyeless will attack on-sight.

How To Get Upstairs:

There are multiple ways upstairs, but the two bests ways are found in the locker room or in the entrance hallway.

  • Method #1: Entrance Hallway – In the entrance hallway, there’s a blocked door. Try to open it and the nearby Eyeless guard will offer to open it for 100 coin.
  • Method #2: Lockers Maintenance – For a cheaper way into the upstairs area, enter the lockers and climb up to the pipes. There’s an opening that leads into a maintenance area. Turn the valve to stop the hot steam and crawl through the hole to get into the upstairs area.

Now you’ll need to get to Jeanette without being spotted. She’s found in the office at the end of the hall, the one with the interior windows. In the middle room, there’s a small work closet where you can climb up into the pipes above the furnaces and steam machines, making it very easy to ambush guards or sneak around them.

How To Get The Device Key:

Go through the side-hallway (with the pipes, furnaces and steam) and kill or stun the dogs in through the small maintenance room — there’s a tiny view hole you can shoot through. There’s a single guard patrolling this hallway.

NOTE: Jeanette is located in the area marked “Private Baths” on the Albarca Baths map. The map is found just left as you enter the bath house.

If you kill or stun the dogs, Jeanette is very likely to see. Either way, open the door and wait for the guard to sit down while Jeanette patrols. You can pickpocket or shoot her with a stun dart then non-lethally takedown the sitting guard. Loot her body and you’ve got the key.

Escaping With Daud:

Use the switch and Daud will be able to escape. The Eyeless will scatter, and the city guard will invade the bath house. The only way out is through the front door. Don’t go up the main stairs, instead backtrack to the balcony hallway and wait for the patrolling guard to walk out the bar area. Hide in the upper area of the optional room.

The City Guard won’t react to the dead or unconscious bodies of Eyeless gang members.

You can knock out or leave the guards alone. The main entrance will clear out when the guards see the house is clear, and you can sneak left and drop into the railway tunnels. Go through the door, jump onto the train car and onto the pipes. The rest of the way should be a cinch.

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