Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – All Contracts Guide | Mission 3

The contracts in Mission 3 of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider ask the impossible — sneak in and out of the bank without alerting anyone, killing anyone, or knocking anyone unconscious. It sounds completely unreasonable, especially considering the bank is jam-packed with civilians, guards, and sentries. Also, electrified floors, tesla coils, and other traps. It’s madness.

Except, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Learn how to tackle all four contracts in Mission 3 with the tips and guides below. All three are pretty straightforward and simple, but there are wrinkles that make things tough if you don’t know exactly where to look, or exactly what to do. We’ve got your back.

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All Contracts Guide | Mission 3: The Bank Job

[NOTE: Contracts are optional side-quests you can complete for large money rewards. There is always some small wrinkle to every contract that can make them much easier to complete.]

The contracts for Mission 3 take place in roughly the same section of the map as Mission 2. To acquire four new contracts, travel to the Black Market and take the job board notices.


The Art Connoisseur

This job asks you to travel down to the water canal and break into a locked skiff. The area is already being burgled by another food, so you’ll have to knock out or kill the goon working on the lock. He won’t help you get inside the locked room.

To get inside, dive into the water and loot the body floating underneath the skiff. He has a key. Take it and jump back into the boat to unlock the door. Grab the ugly piece of artwork to get your reward. Very simple.

Pickpocket’s Delight

A little trickier. Here, you’ll need to use stealth and pickpocket a very specific guard. The guard is located in the security office to the left as you enter the plaza in front of the bank. Use the balconies to the right to gain entrance to the courtyard, then sneak over to the left side and pick the guard’s pocket. Use Foresight to mark him, then lure him out of the office.

Don’t let him see you and don’t raise the alarm. If you catches you pickpocketing him, the contract is failed. You can try luring him into the nearby apartment hallway — it’s much easier to avoid detection in there.

Rages to Riches to Rags

To complete this contract, you’ll need to sneak into the basement of the bank. Go down to the safety deposit box room from the central stairs in the inner atrium, then turn left and enter the offices. In a back room, you’ll find the safety deposit box you need to crack.

  • The code is found in Galvani’s safe is found in his memoir — 2-8-7.

Input the code to unlock it and grab the crystal inside. You’ll need to visit this room anyway to complete the bank mission — the guard captain with the security codes for the bank patrols this room and falls unconscious here if you sedate all the personnel with the poppy tincture.

Quiet as a Mouse

The toughest contract to accomplish sounds much harder than it really is. To complete this, you’ll have to sneak into the Director’s Office and acquire the documents on the desk and do it without harming anyone in the bank. You can’t raise an alarm, knock anyone out, and especially you can’t kill. This only counts for the personnel in the bank interior.

To do that, you’ll need to acquire the Poppy Tincture and use  it on the rooftop vent. You can buy Poppy Tincture from the black market for 800 coin, or you can go to the auction and steal it or bid on it. If you bid, don’t forget to use Semblance.

Inside the vault, you’ll have to avoid raising an alarm and you can’t harm anyone. That means you can’t attack the robot sentries or reprogram them — they’ll kill sleeping patrons. Hack the wall of light to avoid detection, and collect the security codes from the guard captain in the lock box room in the basement.

With the codes, you can access the vault and complete the mission with all the guards in the bank unconscious. It’s a great way to ghost the job, and it isn’t even that hard as long as you move carefully and don’t alert the machine sentries.

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