Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – How To Solve The Bank Job Vault Puzzle

In the grand tradition of Dishonored 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider includes a complicated riddle you’ll have to solve if you want to get inside a bunch of totally optional safe deposit boxes. The boxes include bonecharms, important notes, and other collectibles you might want — and you’ll unlock the “Obsessive Safe-Cracker” trophy for your trouble.

The vault puzzle is located at the very end of Mission 3: The Bank Job. It’s another Jindosh Puzzle, like the one found in the Dust District mission of Dishonored 2. No matter how you access the safe — dropping it into the sewer or using the control system in the security room — you’ll have to solve a number riddle to actually open the other lock boxes.

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How To Solve The Vault Puzzle


At the end of Mission 3: The Bank Job, you’ll break into the vault and steal a very special item from a lockbox after using both keys you acquired in Mission 2. In the same vault, you’ll find multiple alternate lock boxes with three-digit inputs. To open these, you’ll need to input the correct code sequence into all the lock boxes.

  • Vault Puzzle Solution: Input from left (directly left of the door as you enter) to right.
    • 011 – 235 – 813 – 455 – 891

Input the codes, skipping the lock box with the keys, and all the safe doors will open for you. The “Obsessive Safe-Cracker” achievement / trophy will pop here.

There are clues everywhere. One clue is pinned to the vault itself, but there’s more — above the lobby, there’s a small room near the roof entrance with notes left behind by someone trying to crack the code. All the numbers are prime numbers, but there’s more to the riddle than just that.

If you’re a true numbers master, you can probably solve this puzzle pretty easily. It isn’t beyond comprehension or anything, but for the rest of us that don’t want to deal with that, we’ve provided the code. Don’t forget to look everything, including the bonecharms and other collectible items.

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