Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – All Contracts Guide | Mission 2

Contracts get trickier in the second mission of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Billie Lurk gains her Outsider-enhancements, able to Displace or take the form of NPCs to navigate tricky environments. You’ll need these special abilities, along with some gadgets and useful environmental objects to complete four new contracts.

The contracts provide a wide range of activities this time around. You’ll need to rescue brothers, kidnap bartenders, kill mimes and tail racketeers. Some contracts come with mandatory kills, so if you’re not interested in murder, it’s best to skip these optional activities. Whatever you want to do, we’ll provide some extra insight to help complete these sometimes trick missions. Check out the full guide for every Chapter 2 contract below.


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All Contracts Guide | Mission 2: Follow The Ink

[NOTE: Contracts are optional side-quests you can complete for large money rewards. There is always some small wrinkle to every contract that can make them much easier to complete.]

The contracts list in Mission 2 are found in the black market dealer. Check the job board to the left of the vendor desk to get 4 jobs. The contracts in Mission 2 are significantly tougher to complete than the contracts in Mission 1.


Contract #1: Kidnap the Bartender

The bartender is located in the Spectre, a bar that’s attached to the singer’s mansion by a skybridge. You’ll enter this bar to complete “The Missing Brother” contract, too. To gain access, either enter through the singer’s mansion (using the special knock found in the politician’s house) or tattoo yourself at the tattoo parlor with an Eyeless symbol.

Kidnapping the bartender without causing a chaotic scene is very, very tricky. Lure as many of the bystanders away, or throw a bottle of chloroform at the group. The man looking at the bartender is most likely to see. If you can lure the skinny man away, you’ll have a much easier time escaping.

If you don’t mind causing a scene, simply grab the bartender and run. Knock out the front door bouncer and the woman at the coat check, then use the coat check room to lure enemies inside. When the coast is (mostly) clear, you can choke the bartender and escape. Extra bottles of chloroform can be found in the private clinic upstairs. Take the body to the rooftop box to complete the contract.

Contract #2: Death To The Mime

The Mime is a street-performer that stands still as a statue on the streets, near a fenced ledge overlooking the city below. He’s always being watched by a pair of onlookers. You can start a fight and simply grab the mime while the civilians are looking — or, better yet, collect a bottle of chloroform. They’re pretty common around the city.

Toss chloroform at the group and knock them all out. It won’t kill them. Grab the mime’s body and throw him over the bluff. To complete this mission, you’ll have to kill. Avoid it if you want a non-lethal run.

Contract #3: The Missing Brother

The missing brother is located in the Spectre, a bar attached to the singer’s mansion by a sky bridge. To get inside, infiltrate the Eyeless tattoo shop and select to tattoo yourself. When you knock on the door, the guard will let you inside.

Go upstairs to find the rich patrons siphoning blood from the dying brother. Enter the back room behind the sitting patrons, knock out the doctor inside, and turn the valve to remove the blood draining machine from the innocent brother.

Carry the brother. Downstairs in the bar itself, surprisingly, only the bartender and the bouncer will attack you if they see you with the body. The rest will be shocked but won’t be alerted. Simply blink to the entrance hallway to avoid being seen, then blink by the bouncer. You can now safely reach the boat and complete the mission.

Contract #4: Workplace Harassment

The last contract is located in the bank. You can infiltrate the bank using stealth from the tall balconies to the right of the fence entrance. Just hop over and sneak inside. The Racketeer is an Eyeless gang member at the counter, threatening one of the employees. Listen to the conversation, then follow her outside — the goal is to find her bosses and kill them all.

Outside, escape the bank using the high balconies to the right (as you leave, opposite side from your entrance) — outside the bank, she’ll go right and up onto the terrace. There’s a Veteran Guard immediately through the double-doors to the alley, so watch out. On the terrace, wait until the contact arrives. It can be awhile.

When they sit together, sneak close and blast one in the head while stabbing the other, or throw a bottle of chloroform and stab the bodies. When they’re both dead, the contract is complete.

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