Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – All Contracts Guide | Mission 1

Contracts are optional side-quests you can complete for cash rewards in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. These secondary objectives have their own quirks and secrets to discover, and here we’ll cover how to complete each contract.

Contracts are found in bundles as you explore a mission area, and you’ll always have multiple objectives you can finish before completing the main objective or leaving the zone. There are only two contracts in the first mission, but both can be easy to miss if you don’t explore thoroughly. Later, you’ll get extra assassinations with special stipulations — and things get even more complicated. For now, here’s how to do the first two contracts.

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All Contracts Guide | Mission 1: One Last Fight

[NOTE: Contracts are optional side-quests you can complete for large money rewards. There is always some small wrinkle to every contract that can make them much easier to complete.]

The contracts list for Mission 1 are located in the Dreadful Wale, on the desk opposite Billie’s bed. Make sure to grab them before leaving the dock and entering the mission area proper.


Contract #1: Burn the White Hound

The White Hound is located in the kennel on the second floor of the gang bath house. Climb the pipes in the locker room or pay off the guard in the entrance to reach the second floor easily, then sneak through the steam room with the furnaces to reach a side-office with hanging Overseers.

In this room, you can look through a broken fan vent and spy inside the kennel. Kill or stun all the dogs, then take the white hound back into the orange-hued hallway connected to the dead overseer office. There’s a furnace down the  hall — open it up, throw the dog inside, then press the button to burn it.

Contract #2: Industrial Espionage

On the opposite side of Jeanette’s office, there’s a bar area where a guard is cooking up rat corpse liquor. Knock him out and move the body away from the back corner — the guard is carrying the workshop key.

In the brewery area, pick up and throw every single bottle of plague rat brew. There are a bunch in the crate to the left, and four more on the floor near the crate. If you throw them all into the back corner of the bar, you won’t alert anyone.

The plague rat liquor formula is located in the locked shelves to the right as you step through the bar. Unlock both shelves with the key collected from the guard. There’s also a bonecharm in one of the shelves. Bonus!

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