Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – How To Rob Every Black Market

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on items, why not just steal them? In Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, you can rob every single black market shop. Just like in Dishonored 2, getting inside these optional stores isn’t easy, usually requiring a whole lot of exploration. If you’re lost and don’t know how to break into the many black markers of Death of the Outsider, we’ll provide a helping hand with quick guides for each chapter.

The Black Markets almost always serve corrupt and black bonecharms behind their shutters. Sometimes there are exclusive collectibles you can’t find anywhere else in the locked rooms, and there’s always a bunch of cash to collect. You can save yourself a lot spending money just by breaking in and robbing the shops blind. Just don’t expect the shopkeepers to take your intrusion very kindly.

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How To Rob Every Black Market

[UPDATED: Added the Mission 3 black market robbery.]

Periodically, you’ll encounter optional shops where you can spend cash to purchase extra items and gear before completing a mission. Some chapters feature these Black Market shops, and they’re a gold mine if you’re low on a specific item.

Black Markets can also be robbed. There are special methods to access each one, and they aren’t always easy to figure out on your own. Learn how to break into every Black Market and rob them blind with the quick guides for each chapter featuring a Black Market below.


Mission 2: Follow the Ink

The Black Market is found in the underground walkway outside the statue square. Check your map for coordinates — the black market has items to buy and contracts to accept. Listen to the rats to get a clue to the underground entrance into the black market’s back rooms.

To the left of the black market desk, knock over the sign and use foresight to fly through the vent. On the wall, by the locked door, there’s a code written down. Our code was “398” but your code might be different.

Use the code on the lock by the door to the right of the black market desk to access the interior. You’ll find lots of good stuff, including…

  • x2 Black Bonecharms
  • x2 Corrupt Bonecharms
  • x1 Health Elixir
  • X1 Pistol Bullets
  • x1 Grenade
  • x1 Rewire Tool
  • x1 Hook Mine
  • x1 Springrazor

And other miscellaneous valuables just ripe for the picking. This black market returns in Mission 3.

Mission 3

Accessing the black market in Mission 3 is a little tricky. Start by going to the bank exterior and finding the maintenance basement to the left of the stairs. Grab the wrench from the basket in this underground hallway, then return to the steps leading to the front doors of the bank.

There’s a hatch you can open with the wrench. Don’t worry about that for now — instead, leave the guarded area and return to the streets. Travel right (when facing the bank) to the lower streets. Beneath the steps, there’s another door you can only access with the wrench. Open it.

You’re now in a room with a view of the black market interior. Shoot the big red button that unlocks the door while looking through the window, and you can now steal everything in sight. You’ll just have to circle back around to reach it.

Mission 4

To enter this black market, you’ll need to Displace into the apartment through the open balcony doorway. The door to the market is locked from the apartment, but you can find an alternate way inside — use Foresight to slip through the broken vent cover in the lower-left corner of the locked door.

Inside the market area, set a Displace Marker in the center of the room. Then return to the main lobby of the black market. From the desk, you can Displace through the metal window, unlock the door, knock out the NPC manning the counter, and loot the Black Market blind.

Like any good store in Dishonored, it’s full of gear and multiple bonecharms. Enjoy!

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