Fantasy Strike Releases as Early Access Title, Heads To PlayStation 4 Next Year

David Sirlin’s accessible 2D fighting title Fantasy Strike is finally out for PC and Mac users. The early access release introduces various graphical enhancements for the cel-shaded aesthetic, visual effects, as well as the new ‘friend match’ feature. It’s a delightful addition that lets players compete against friends without the need to create lobbies or preoccupy themselves with external Steam menus.

Deviating from the typical fighting game formula, Fantasy Strike doesn’t demand players train for weeks or months to access the ‘real thing’; instead, you have velvety smooth controls, single-button press attacks, a life gauge portraying discrete hit points for extra clarity, and flexible menus designed with both controllers and keyboard and mouse in mind.

The current modes available include quick deathmatch, arcade, local multiplayer, and practice mode. These can be played with keyboard, Xbox One controllers, PlayStation 4 dualshock controllers, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, even joy sticks.

Fantasy Strike is out now via Steam. The official launch frame is set for 2018. The PC version will launch simultaneously alongside a PlayStation 4 version.