Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 3

One of the biggest and trickiest missions yet, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider brings us back to the same city streets as the previous mission, but leads into a daring heist on a super high security bank that’s seemingly impenetrable. There are several completely plausible and creative paths to victory, but one particular method stands above the rest — acquire the Poppy Tincture and sedate everyone in the bank.

It sounds like an easy win, but there are still plenty of opportunities to screw up. From curious security guards in control rooms monitoring the entire bank to insane robotic sentries that will kill you (or innocent bank personnel) without a second thought. Solving the many puzzles in the bank can be tricky, so follow the guide below for a no-kill run.


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Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 3: The Bank Job

[NOTE: This isn’t a step-by-step guide. Here you’ll find how to complete every mission using the alternative, low chaos solution.]

Returning to the bank, you’ll find multiple paths to victory — but only one leads to no deaths and low chaos. Instead of struggling through a tricky sneaky section, you can disable (almost) all the guards and personnel in the entire bank.

Shockingly, that doesn’t make things much easier. You’ll still have to deal with machine sentinels and complex security measures. There are lots of ways to get inside the vault, but we’re going to focus on just one. First step; collect the laudanum.

How To Sedate the Bank Personnel

First stop is the Pharmacy to the left of the main gate to the bank square. The place is locked down, but Teresia (the pharmacist) might be willing to talk. Go to her apartment next. When you collect the note pinned to the door, you’ll get an objective marker for her apartment. You’ll need a lot of Laudanum to sedate everyone in the bank.

Her apartment is found in the tall light-green building opposite Jacobi’s office from the previous mission. Talk to Teresia, and she’ll point you to an auction going on in the plaza where Jacobi was giving his speech. There’s a fun and easy way to acquire the Laudanum we need.

How To Acquire Laudanum

Go to the auction and knock out one of the patrons outside. Any of the well-dressed people will do. Use Semblance to steal a fancy person’s face and approach the auction guards. They’ll let you sit — interact with a chair and the auction will begin.

When the prompt appears, choose to bid on the estate. Continue to bid until you win — it’ll only cost about 360 gold. At most, you’ll have to pay 500 coin. That’s cheap for this helpful method into the bank. Take your tincture bottle and the painting before leaving the auction.

How To Use The Laudanum

Now that you have the Laudanum, you’ll need to reach the rooftop and insert the laudanum into the vents. There’s only one way onto the roof — a cart to the right of the bank entrance. Unfortunately, the cart is without power. You’ll need to locate a fresh whale oil tank and insert it into the generator.

Go to the alley to the left of the front bank doors to find an oil whale dispenser and refueling station. Refuel one of the empty tanks and take it to the generator to re-power the machine. There are guard dogs and soldiers on patrol near the entrance. Make sure they’re unconscious or dead before transporting the container.

Ride the lift up and displace over the gap. Before infiltrating the bank through the roof, drop the laudanum into the nearby vent.

How To Get Into the Inner Atrium

Here’s the toughest part of the mission. The bank interior is guarded by machine sentinels that react to any change in the environment. The guards will be sleeping, but any alert will wake them up. Don’t nudge the sleeping people! If you avoid raising an alarm or waking up any of the personnel, you’ll complete one of the trickier contracts.

Before you can fully explore the bank, you’ll need to unlock doors to the inner atrium. Go downstairs from the roof to the Mortgages and Loans office and go through the next office to find a balcony. Use the hanging lights to reach the interior lobby and press the security button to open the main inner atrium doors.

Beware the Coils: Deadly defenses block atrium access hallway. Use displace to zip by so they don’t have a clear line of sight to you. You can disable them in the adjacent security rooms. Just remove the whale oil.

How To Break Into The Vault

Breaking into the vault is a multi-step process that requires several steps. Let’s break them down in the simplest possible way.

  1. On the rooftop, use the Poppy Tincture on the open vent near the infiltration door.
  2. Enter the bank through the roof door, and enter the inner atrium.
    • To disable the wall of light, sneak left and make a circle all the way around to the security room. Instead of disabling the wall of light, hack it! The sentry robot will not notice.
  3. Travel down to the basement and loot the sleeping guard captain to acquire the security codes.
    • The guard captain is found to the left in the underground safety deposit box room as you enter the electrified basement.
  4. Go back to the second floor and find the security office. Interact with the speaker to give the pass code.
    • You’ll wake up the guard, but don’t worry, he’ll stay in the security booth.
  5. Enter the control room through the electrified hallway. Use Displace and Foresight to blink through windows. Disable the electrified floor.
  6. At the Vault Control Center, send the vault up to the Director’s Office on the third floor.
    • The guard you woke up earlier will say something. Use the intercom to tell him you’re testing the mechanism.
  7. Now the safe is upstairs in the Director’s Office. Take the main stairs up and press the button behind the boss’ desk to open a secret panel behind the painting. Collect the key, and you can now open the safe.

Take the twin-bladed knife in the vault. Insert both keys and the knife that made the Outsider is your’s for the taking. Now it’s just a matter of escaping back to the Dreadful Wale and continuing our search for a way into the Void.

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