Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 5

End the Black-Eyed Bastard with a single stab to the chest in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The final mission is the toughest yet, and features a new unkillable enemy that doesn’t just hunt Billie Lurk endlessly, but can also bring dead cultists back to life with strange magic. There’s plenty of strange stuff to go around this time, as Billie uncovers the legendary Eye of the Dead God and enters the Void proper.

At the core of the Void, the Outsider is waiting. The cultists that study him guard the mines, making your just that much tougher. The more cultists you can knock unconscious before entering the Void, the better. We’ll explain how that weird alternate-reality system works in the note entries below.

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Low Chaos Walkthrough | Mission 5: A Hole In The World

[NOTE: This isn’t a step-by-step guide. Here you’ll find how to complete every mission using the alternative, low chaos solution.]

To kill the Outsider, Billie Lurk travels to the far-north Shindaerey Peak. The mines hide a terrible secret, and the Void is closer to reality here than anywhere else. Your goal is simple — breach the Void, penetrate the Ritual Hold and eliminate the Outsider.


Infiltrating Shindaerey Peak Mine

The area ahead is mostly empty, save for a handful of hounds patrolling the courtyards. There are many interior rooms to explore here with lots of bonus bonecharms. Use foresight if you want to find them, then move through the tunnel into the statue park ahead. You’ll get your first glimpse of the Outsider Cultists.

These strange people are wearing white, with rocky growths spreading out from their faces and bodies — a side-effect of the void. They’re just like any other guards, but there is a benefit to knocking out as many of them as you can.

NOTE: If you knock out (or kill) human guards in reality, they will ALSO be unconscious (or dead) in the Void. The more guards you take out before entering the void, the easier your job will be.

In the courtyard ahead, past the statue, you’ll find two cultists. The gate at the end of the path is locked — use the code 282 to access the next area.

Ahead, you’ll find the central lift that will take Billie up and into the mines. The lift itself is locked, but there’s an optional path that won’t require a key. Go to the garage door in the back and prepare foresight — turn the wheel and use foresight to set a displace marker through the broken window. The garage door closes too quickly to get through otherwise.

Upstairs in the factory, you’ll encounter more sweeping cultists. Jump onto the walkway on the right to sneak up and around these guys to reach a passage into the mines. The mines are packed with even more cultists, so keep Semblance handy to sneak through safely.

Entering The Void

Now that Billie is in the mines, she’ll need to reach the Void. The only way into the Void is a strange location called the Eye of the Dead God. Crawl through the fallen cart under the collapsed door to reach the mines proper, and wait for the assembled cultists to leave the Void thing alone. We’ll discuss the creatures from the Void later.

In the larger room of the mines, displace up onto the raised catwalk to the right using the black pipes. You’ll reach an area with a special room marked “Forbidden” — note the location of this room. We’ll need to return here later.

Go through the upper chamber and out through the back-window or door, then continue right. There’s a stairwell that leads nowhere here, and a sneaky path you can use beneath those stairs. You’ll appear above a lecture hall-like area, with a bridge across the chasm to the left. Cross the chasm to find a nice spot you can displace across to the Void entrance.

There are two more cultists ahead. Blink by them onto the rocks near the waypoint marker to find a very narrow passage into the chamber with the strange eye. Touch the eye to enter the Void.

Terrors of the Void

The Void is a strange parallel dimension that mirrors “reality” in some ways, while also being completely different.

The Void is guarded by black, obsidian beasts that can’t be killed with any of your weapons. You can only temporarily stun them, and if you kill or knock out a cultist, these creatures will immediately come running toward you. They can kill you with a single attack, and Semblance will not fool them.

NOTE: The Void monsters cannot be killed. Use Foresight to mark them and watch their movements. They’ll very easy to alert. Fighting is a very bad idea in the Void.

All the still-awake cultists from “reality” will patrol the Void and attack you on-sight, just like in the normal world. That’s why it helps to knock out as many cultists as possible before entering the Void.

Eliminate The Outsider

Instead of killing the Outsider, we’re going to focus on the non-lethal method to end the game. To start, collect the key from the dead cultist to the left, directly after entering the Void and turning around. He’s embedded in the wall in a strange way.

The key leads to his personal dwelling back in the mines. Remember that “Forbidden” door? That’s where his research is located. Go to the dwelling and investigate. There’s a locked container inside — you need the key code.

Input the code 962 and collect the book inside to learn how to eliminate the Outsider without killing him. You can release him, making him mortal and taking away the power he possesses.

Next, travel to the Ritual Hold and climb to the top. Make a manual save here if you want both endings — but we’re going to focus on the non-lethal choice here.

  1. Inspect the Outsider and select the second option. Refuse to kill the Outsider.
  2. Talk to Daud. and select the first option.
  3. Again, refuse to kill the Outsider. Select the first option.
  4. A third time, select the first option.

If you want to kill the  Outsider, just choose any of the numerous lethal options in dialogue. One lethal dialogue choice is all it takes to change your mind. You can also interact with the Outsider before talking to Daud.

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