Hitman 3: How To Complete The “Medium Rare” Challenge | Chongqing Guide

To unlock the “Medium Rare” challenge — burning Imogen Royce by tricking an Employee to start the core cleansing — you’ll have to discover the “Certainty Principle” Mission Story. The Mission Stories in Hitman 3 are much more involved than in previous games, and simply completing this Mission Story isn’t enough to unlock “Medium Rare”, you’ll also have to solve a little puzzle.

The Mission Story is just to get Agent 47 in position. The rest is all up to you. To make things easier, I’ll also explain how to complete each step of the “Certainty Principle” Mission Story, and then we’ll get into solving the final puzzle and tricking ICA employees into offing their own boss. All it takes is a few well-timed button presses.

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How To Complete The “Certainty Principle” Mission Story

To complete the “Medium Rare” challenge, you’ll first need to start (and finish) the “Certainty Principle” Mission Story. To get started, steal a Chef Uniform from the walkway behind the Restaurant.

Return to the Restaurant and find the sitting man. You’ll need to acquire his clothing and his P41 form.

  • Mr. Pritchard Outfit: Collect Rat Poison from the back room of the restaurant and then prepare the meal in the kitchen. Plant the poison, then ring the bell. After the meal is served, the NPC will rush to the restroom. You can subdue him there. You’ll earn the
  • P41 Form: The P41 Form is located in the apartment building opposite the restaurant. Go upstairs and unlock the door with the code 0-1-1-8. The form is under the bed.

Now go to the backroom of the restaurant and talk to your Tour Guide. Make sure to dump any deadly weapons before reaching the underground data facility.

Simply follow along — get frisked — until you reach a point with a timer. Use your camera hack on the window near the laptop to block the NPC’s view, then use the laptop. Now you’ll meet up with Imogen Royce and complete the tour. It all ends in her office with an interesting machine.

How To Complete The “Medium Rare” Challenge

The Mission Story completes with Agent 47 stuck in Imogen Royce’s office while she explores the grounds. Using her computer, you can choose to fire three employees. Each one has a different action after being fired.

To cause a catastrophic result, use the computer and follow these instructions.

  • Immediately fire Alicia Reynolds. She’ll immediately start walking toward the core to shut off the safety protocol.
  • Right after, fire Jeremy Bolt. Firing him will distract him, allowing Alicia Reynolds to enter the core. He’ll also (eventually) distract Royce’s personal guard.
  • Watch the monitor. When both Alicia Reynolds and the target’s guard leave the core, fire Sharon Reed. In about 11 seconds, she’ll purge the core and kill anyone still inside.

If you time your choices exactly right, then Imogen Royce will get blasted in the core, and earn you an easy Accident Kill.

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