Valve Has Multiple Games In Development

Valve is an iconic video game development studio known for video games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Portal. However, the studio has not put out too many games as of late which had players itching for that next mainline installment to the Half-Life franchise or a new game within the Left 4 Dead franchise. It took years but out of the blue, we got a surprise announcement back in 2019 that Valve was returning to the world of Half-Life.

While the game wasn’t the fabled Half-Life 3 that so many players have been waiting on, it was a new installment that put players into the role of Alyx. This was a VR title and a single-player focused game which was a nice return for the development studio. Naturally, the anticipation was massive and the reception was positive when the game released in March of 2020. Now it looks like there are more video games in the works from this legendary development studio.

Gabe Newell recently spoke with 1 News located in New Zealand where the developer made note that they have plans to release more single-player video game titles into the market. According to Gabe, it was the development process of Half-Life: Alyx that really triggered the interest in returning to these types of video games again. However, outside of knowing that the studio is working on multiple games, we don’t have any insight as to what games, in particular, are coming out. 

Fans would be thrilled at a Portal 3 and needless to say a Half-Life 3, but there’s no telling if these games coming out are attached to any established IPs or not. After all, Valve did acquire developers Campo Santo, who brought out Firewatch and was working on In the Valley of Gods, which looked to be another thrilling adventure game. Perhaps that’s one of the games we could see come out from Valve next, but for now, all we can do is wait for an official announcement.

Source: IGN