WW2 Zombies: The Tortured Path – Beneath The Ice Easter Egg Guide | Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Rebuild Barbarossa’s Sword in Call of Duty: WW2 with the third and final Easter egg quest for The Tortured Path. If you’re new to this DLC, the survival map has been split into three smaller mini-maps, each with random objectives and a hidden Easter egg quest to complete. Helpfully, you don’t have to complete all three Easter eggs at the same time. As long as you finish them, you’ll keep the piece of the sword you unlock — essentially, that makes this Easter egg a lot easier to earn than usual.

Except for how difficult these maps can be. If you don’t finish the Objective Rounds before the time limit runs out, you’re toast. You’ll also need to charge up the Pack-a-Punch while you’re solving Easter egg steps, so you’re severely limited on time. It helps to bring as many extra players as possible if you want to do this — and you’ll need to finish all the previous Tortured Path Easter eggs to get this one to work.

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Beneath The Ice Easter Egg Guide | Chapter 3 Walkthrough

To complete the main Easter egg for The Tortured Path, you need to complete each individual Easter egg. There’s an Easter egg quest in all three chapters. This is how to complete the Easter egg quest in Chapter 3: Beneath the Ice.


Step #1: Break The Battery For Weird FOV Vision

[NOTE: Before starting this Easter egg, you’ll need to complete the previous two Easter egg quests in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. If you don’t, you won’t be able to reassemble the sword. There are three sword parts, and two are earned for completing the last two chapter Easter eggs.]

Find the red battery station in the main ritual chamber of the map, then melee attack it three times. This will break the battery, and give you a strange wider FOV that glows red when you hold [Square / X] to interact with the broken battery.

At this point, with the weird vision mode active, you can now find runes and interact with the door with runes at the back of the map. Go find the rune door and interact — you’ll need to find runes around the map, interact with them, and input the matching runes on the door.

Step #2: Find The Runes & Get The Hilt

With the strange vision mode, you’ll need to input a rune code into the strange door you can now interact with. By the end of the Easter egg, you’ll need to input three different codes into this door to open it. For now, let’s focus on the first code.

The runes are slightly randomized — you’ll always find runes in the following locations. Go to these locations and try to match the runes shown on the door.

  • Left of the Shotgun Wall Buy, above the doorway.
  • Beside a pressure pad in the far back corner of the map, right of an ancient vase.
  • Underneath a statue in the central ritual room.
  • At the top of the map, look beside the perk machine in the hallway, on a ceiling stone ridge.
  • Under and behind the scaffolding outside the central ritual chamber.
  • On a stone behind the Electricity Park machine.

Input the matching runes from the door, and an earthquake will signify that you’ve successfully completed this step. The hilt will drop into the map when you complete the round. Place the hilt on the work table in the Forge.

  • A List of Possible Rune Code Combinations:
    • A2 B5 B3 C1 A1
    • A2 B5 B3 C1
    • A2 C1 B3 B7 B5 A5
    • A2 C1 B3 B7 B5
    • A4 C5 A1 A7 B6 B7 A7
    • A4 C5 A7 B6 B7 A7
    • A4, B5, A1 A7 B6 B7
    • B2 C2 C3 A2 A7 A6
    • B2 C2 C5 A2 A7 A6
    • B2 C4 A2
    • C1 A3 B2 B3 C2 B2
    • C5 A2, A5 A3 B6 A6
    • C5 A5 B6 A4
    • C5 B4 A6 A5
    • C5 C6 B3 C4 A2 C1 B5

Code Combinations Source: [1]

Step #3: Reveal the Second Rune, Input The Code & Get The Pommel

Finding the second rune code is tricky. To get started, collect the Flares from the steps leading into the central ritual chamber. Interact with the flare box, and you’ll replace your secondary special grenades with flares.

To get started, throw flares into the braziers under the elongated head statues in the ritual chamber. Light them all, and then find more braziers with burning embers inside — one is left of the Sprint Speed Perk, and the last two flank the rune door.

Light all the braziers with flares, and a wall will lower near the Sprint Speed Perk with the second rune. Grab it, and place it on the rune door. Now you’ll be able to input the second rune code. Use the rune locations listed above, input the code, and the Pommel will drop into the map at the end of the round.

Like with the hilt, place the pommel — put it on the altar in the ritual chamber.

Step #4: Reveal the Third Rune Code & Assemble The Sword

For the final step, find the sacrificial floor pads — they’ll light up when you stand on them. You need to stand on them all, and kill zombies while the pads are glowing. Do this for about a minute, and you’ll find the find rune code sequence.

Input the third code sequence, and you’ll be able to reassemble the sword. The rune door will open, allowing you to get the blade piece of the sword.

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still learning about this map! Check back soon for new updates, fixes, and clarifications.]

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