WW2 Zombies: The Tortured Path – Across The Depths Easter Egg Guide | Chapter 2 Walkthrough

The Tortured Path is a weird new mode included in the United Front DLC pack for Call of Duty: WW2. Instead of a single map, it’s actually split into three mini-maps — smaller objective-based levels split into chapters. To complete the main Easter egg, you’ll need to finish the hidden objectives on all three maps. Here, we’re going to focus on Chapter 2: Across The Depths.

To unlock new maps, all you have to do is survive for 10 rounds and defeat the boss that spawns at the end. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, and you’ll want to get the Pack-a-Punch available on each map. You don’t have to do all the maps in order, thankfully, so you can actually complete the steps solo or on a team. For this Easter egg, we’re aiming to unlock the Pommel — one piece of sword required to complete the main Easter egg.

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Across The Depths Easter Egg Guide | Chapter 2 Walkthrough

To complete the main Easter egg for The Tortured Path, you need to complete each individual Easter egg. There’s an Easter egg quest in all three chapters. This is how to complete the Easter egg quest in Chapter 2: Across the Depths.


Step #1: Melee the Battery

Jump into ‘Across the Depths’ and enter the interior deck. In the back-left corner, left of the Pack-a-Punch machine, you’ll find a battery on some boxes. Melee attack the battery to get a strange effect on your HUD. Every active player on your team needs to get close to the battery.

While close to the battery, your HUD will change — your FOV will get slightly wider, and zombies will start spawning randomly, like they’re blinking in and out of existence. Once everyone in your team has this strange FOV, you’ll be able to complete the next step.

Step #2: Shoot The Fish

This is when things get weird. Wait one round after changing your FOV and you’ll find nine flopping fish all around the map. You need to find and shoot all nine of these fish. Keep one zombie alive in Round 2 so you can complete this step relatively easily.

  • Look on the Mess Hall tray table.
  • Under the corner table in the under deck.
  • On the ceiling pipe, to the right of the Mess Hall tray table.
  • On the floor, near the open hatch in the room behind the Mess Hall tray table.
  • On the kitchen sink, down the hall from the previous fish.
  • On another ceiling pipe, down the back-left hallway from the washing station.
  • Down the stairs into the Barracks, look left and up high.
  • Between the bed racks, to the left of the hanging US flag in the Barracks.
  • Look in the Med Bay through the broken window near the Pack-a-Punch.
  • On the left wall near the Pack-a-Punch.

Shoot all nine fish in the same round, or this won’t count. Listen for the wet flopping sound they make to help track them down.

Step #3: Charge The Flying Fish

Complete the round, and on the next round you’ll find a big, red, glowing fish that’s swimming through the air at about eye level. You can’t miss him! Find the big weird fish and follow it. It will stop at a Battery Station — they look similar to the stations you charge to unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

To charge the fish, you need to deposit a battery into one of these battery stations. New Wall Buys have appeared all over the map — with them, you can purchase batteries for 3,000 points each. When you get a battery, you can’t use a weapon — that makes this pretty hard to complete solo.

Save up plenty of points and follow the fish around the map, purchasing batteries from the new randomly spawning battery Wall Buy stations, depositing the batteries into the battery stations, and then killing zombies near the batteries to charge the fish. You need to charge three batteries.

Step #4: Fight Through The Crazy Place

When all three batteries are charged and the fish is fully complete, you’ll instantly teleport to a new location outside the regular map. Be prepared before diving into the final area! Purchase upgrades and use the Pack-a-Punch before charging all three batteries.

Teleport to the weird area, and you’ll have to jump across the platforms to find memories of Dr. Straub. After each memory, zombies will spawn! Boss or Special zombies might spawn here, and the area is relatively small, so it helps to bring Jack-in-the-Boxes or Shellshock to survive.

Step #5: Beat The Fish’s Cup & Ball Game¬†

After fighting through multiple waves and experiencing tons of past memories, you’ll encounter one final challenge. The weird fish reappears and forces you to play a game of Cup and Ball — it’s a simple game. The fish will drop into a bucket, then the multiple buckets will mix around. You need to follow and shoot the correct bucket with the fish inside.

Complete all three rounds successfully, and you’ll earn the Pommel. If you fail the challenge, special zombies will spawn and attack. Defeat them, and the most recent round will restart.

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