WW2 Zombies: The Tortured Path – Into The Storm Easter Egg Guide | Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The main Easter egg quest for The Tortured Path begins in Chapter 1: Into The Storm. To acquire the first part of the sword, you need to finish this portion of the Easter egg — by now, a long-running staple of all Zombie maps. This might be a totally different mode for Call of Duty: WW2, splitting the Zombies map into three separate mini-maps, but it still retains that old Easter egg style.

This time, there are three chapters, and three smaller Easter egg quests to complete before Round 10. You’ll need to complete the steps listed below, while also surviving, unlocking the Pack-a-Punch, and completing objectives. That’s a lot of stuff to keep in mind. Check out the full Easter egg guide for Chapter 1 below, and maybe leave it open for future reference.

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Into The Storm Easter Egg Guide | Chapter 1 Walkthrough

To complete the main Easter egg for The Tortured Path, you need to complete each individual Easter egg. There’s an Easter egg quest in all three chapters. This is how to complete the Easter egg quest in Chapter 1: Into the Storm.


Step #1: Collect the Zombie Parts

Before doing anything, you’ll want to collect all the zombie parts scattered around the map. You’ll need to find (1) Head, (1) Torso, (2) Arms, and (2) Legs. All parts are randomly generated, and each individual part spawns in one of several possible locations. Here’s a full list of places you’ll need to search.

  • Head Locations:
    • Inside the house, on a shelf opposite the fireplace.
    • In the basement, inside a sink.
    • On the dresser, near the SMG Wall Buy.
    • On the back of the truck near the Sprint Speed Perk.
    • On the fence, to the right, behind the Windmill.
  • Torso Locations:
    • Inside the fireplace in the house with the basement.
    • On the windowsill above the Pack-a-Punch machine.
    • On a fallen cart, near the front entrance to the Windmill.
    • On a crate to the left of the Sniper Rifle Wall Buy, exterior of the ruined house.
    • Sitting on a wheelbarrow, behind the ruined house.
  • Arm Locations:
    • Under the stairs leading down into the basement.
    • On a crate of canned food behind the Windmill.
    • Behind and right of the Sprint Perk in the Windmill.
    • In a pile of ruins, to the right of the ruined house fireplace.
    • In the fireplace, in the house.
    • In the fireplace, near the SMG Wall Buy.
    • On top of the stack of logs, behind the ruined house.
    • In a basket, in the upper floor of the house with the basement.
    • On a fence near the green item drop bag.
    • In a plant box outside the house.
  • Leg Locations:
    • Under the sign in the Windmill.
    • Hanging from the ceiling near the front door of the house.
    • On top of the fencepost, to the right of the battery behind the Windmill.
    • On the wine storage rack, in the basement.
    • In a potted plant in the front-right corner of the house.
    • Inside the driver’s seat of the blue truck.
    • On the ground, in the bushes to the left of the Weapon Damage Perk.
    • From a hanging potted plant, in the back-right corner of the house.
    • In a hole-in-the-wall, to the left of the Electricity Perk.
    • To the right of the Electricity Perk.

That’s a lot of places to search. Get all six zombie parts and you can continue the Easter egg.

Step #2: Get The Rope, The Metal Rods & Wustling Arm

We need to collect a rope, a couple of metal rods and a Wustling (Brute) zombie arm. You can collect these in any order. You don’t need to find all the zombie parts to collect these items.

  • Rope:
    • The rope is hanging from a tree behind the windmill. Shoot the rope to make it fall into the river. One round later, you can collect the rope from a tree near the outer fence.
  • Metal Rods:
    • Wait for a Drop Pod to fall near the dead cow to the right of the Quick Revive. When this happens, get the metal rods from the front of the nearby truck.
  • Wustling Arm:
    • Continue to play until two Wustling zombies spawn in the same round. To get the arm, you need to trick two Wustlings into charging into one another.

You now have all the parts you need for Step #3. For the next step, you need a complete zombie body, and all the parts described above.

Step #3: Place the Zombie Parts on the Windmill

Once you have all six zombie body parts, and the other items above, you can string up the zombie body onto the windmill blades. Wait for the larger windmill blade to point down, then interact with the gears to jam the Wustling Arm inside — this will stop the windmill blades from moving.

Now, interact with the stopped (larger) windmill blade to place the zombie body. Go back to the windmill gears and remove the Wustling Arm, then put it back so the zombie body (strapped to the windmill blade) is pointing toward the sky, at the highest point of the circle.

Complete the round, and lightning will strike the zombie body, causing it to fall to the ground. Kill zombies near the body until it is fully charged.

Step #4: Protect the Reanimated Zombie

Once the zombie is fully reanimated, it will crawl toward the wrecked house with the Melee Damage perk machine. Protect the zombie until it reaches a hole in the debris. Once it disappears into the rubble, you can complete the round.

At the next round, the zombie will reappear with a battery. Kill zombies near this battery to charge it — eventually the zombie will drop the battery near the locked door in the basement. When the battery is fully charged and dropped, pick it up and place it in the empty station to the left of the door.

The door will open, you can collect Hilt.

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