WW2 Zombies: The Tortured Path – How To Complete Chapter 1 Solo | Full Guide

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The Tortured Path is torturously difficult. It’s so hard, there are multiple Reddit threads all about this sudden spike in difficulty. This is the first Zombies map of its kind in Call of Duty: WW2 — smaller, objective-based maps where you have to survive for 10 rounds. If you don’t complete the objectives, you’re dead. The objectives usually aren’t a problem — it’s the boss at the very end that’s going to really kill most new players.

To make your lives easier, I’m going to share my winning strategy for completing Chapter 1: Into the Storm completely solo. That means no help needed. No friends, no parties, no allies, and no grinding for damage modifiers. This is how to complete Chapter 1 (and unlock Chapter 2) solo.

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How To Complete Chapter 1 Solo | Full Guide

Before completing Chapter 1 solo, you have to ask yourself if you want to play online or Local. If you play Local (or grind a lot online) you’ll want to upgrade all the weapon loadouts you have. Add extra damage and ammo first.

  • Before starting Chapter 1: Into the Storm, go to weapon loadout and select the 9mm SAP pistol. This is a very, very powerful pistol when Pack-a-Punch’d.
  • Upgrade every weapon you have available with more ammo, and more damage. Many weapon types can be upgraded with two separate +Damage mods.

After selecting your weapons, you’ll also want to grab a bunch of Perk mods.

  • Most of the Perks are up to you, but I recommend Armor and Shellshock.
  • Armor is obvious. Shellshock will stun all zombies — you’ll need it if you get a Defense objective.

When that’s done, you’re ready to get started.


First Round

In the first Round, you’ll want to do three things.

  • Purchase a Quick Revive.
  • Lead zombies to the battery behind the windmill and fully charge it.
    • You absolutely must unlock the Pack-a-Punch to survive!
  • Purchase an SMG.

When you have enough cash, buy an extra SMG. We’ll replace it later. When the Pack-a-Punch battery is charged, you can just run around, killing zombies.

Objective Rounds

Objective Rounds are really annoying.

  • Objectives will appear on Rounds 3, 6, and 9.
  • If the Defense objective appears on Round 9, you’re toast.
    • It might be possible to complete, but it’s very, very difficult.
    • Especially without a Jack-in-the-Box.
  • The toughest objective is the Defense objective. To make it easier, you’ll need to get a Jack-in-the-Box.
    • Equip the Shellshock power. It’s especially useful for running down the clock on Defense objectives.

To get a Jack-in-the-Box, you need to use the same Wall Buy about 5-6+ times. It’s totally random when you’ll get a Jack-in-the-Box, and they can come out of any random Wall Buy.

Perks You Need

My perk loadout tends to be the same.

  • Quick Revive [Get this first. Renew after losing it.]
  • Gun Damage Upgrade [Get this second. Very important.]
  • Reload Speed Upgrade¬†
  • Sprint Speed Upgrade

Sprint speed is essentially required if you want to survive against the boss zombie at the end. It helps a lot when completing the rest of the Pack-a-Punch steps.

Unlock the Pack-a-Punch

The Pack-a-Punch is totally required. Charge all three batteries on the map — the battery light will turn green when you can charge it. The batteries can be charged on Round 1, Round 4, and Round 7. One is available when you spawn, and the other two activate after you complete Objective Rounds.

  • The 9mm SAP is incredibly powerful if you Pack-a-Punch it.
  • Any assault rifle or standard rifle is also very good when PaP’d.
    • SMGs tend to be too weak by Round 10, even when PaP’d.
  • You can Pack-a-Punch as early as Round 7. I recommend doing it as soon as possible.
  • Pack-a-Punch both of your weapons.

Renewing Quick Revives and Armor

Armor Stations can’t be found on this map, but you can still refill your armor. Supply Drops will appear on the map after you complete Objective Rounds. These are filled with guns, points, power-ups, and full armor.

  • Always purchase another Quick Revive after you’re downed. Do it as a safety precaution.

Your goal is to play as safely as possible. Don’t take too many hits. You want that Quick Revive ready for the final part of the map.

Defeating the Boss & Escaping

The hardest part of the map is at the end. At Round 9, pray you get an easy objective. If you don’t, you’ll need Shellshock ready and a Jack-in-the-Box. Remember, you can get a Jack-in-the-Box randomly when purchasing from the same random Wall Buy 6~ or so times. Defense objectives on Round 9 spell the end of any solo run.

When you’re fully prepared (have two Pack-a-Punch guns, all four perks) you’ll be ready to defeat the boss. Reach Round 10 and sprint around the level. The Brenner is tough and invulnerable. You have to lead it into the red explosive circles and wait for a bomb to drop, disabling its shield.

Most of the areas with a bomb circle have an APC, vehicle, or something to block the Brenner’s line-of-sight. You’ll need to use those to avoid getting burned. The red bomb markers also usually appear in sequence close to each other, so you can sprint to each, leading the boss to them, and constantly continue knocking out his shields.

The 9mm SAP pistol or the M1 Garand is incredibly powerful against the boss when PaP’d. Use it to rip into his health when he’s vulnerable, and you should be able to win before the 4 minute time limit is up.

At the end, you have to stand in an Extraction Point circle before the timer expires. In my experience, you can run into the circle just before it expires and you’ll escape. Use a Jack-in-the-Box, unleash Shellshock, or just die and Quick Revive on the spot to help run out the timer.

And that’s it! Everything you need to know to complete Chapter 1 totally solo. If you’ve got your own OP strategies, let me know in the comments!

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