Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 8: Captain Acerola’s Trial

Defeat the spooky Totem Mimikyu and complete some urban exploration in the abandoned Thrifty Megamart in Acerola’s Trial in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Acerola sends you into the dilapidated supermarket trial that’s all about ghost hunting — with your Poke Finder, you’ll need to locate three ghosts and snap some shots.

Mimikyu is one of the tougher Totem Pokémon bosses, so you’ll want to prepare yourself. Steel Type Pokémon are some of the safest to use in the first — at least, Pokémon with Steel Type moves. Decidueye gets a special, very easy way to end Mimikyu, but the rest of the starters won’t be so lucky.

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Walkthrough | Part 8: Captain Acerola’s Trial

You’re really blasting through the trials now. The next trial leads players to the spooky abandoned Thrifty Megamart, where the Ghost Type trainer Acerola sends you in search of the spooky Mimikyu.

From the top of Mount Hokulani, you’ve got two options — ride the bus back down, or walk down the path. The longer route is my personal favorite option. There are lots of Pokémon to catch (Elgyem), and you can grab some useful items, like TM72 Volt Switch.

Go through Route 10 and return to Malie City, then re-enter Malie Garden. When you arrive, you’ll encounter the Team Skull Boss Guzma, and he wants to test your skills.

  • Battle: Team Skull Boss Guzma
    • Team: Lvl. 34 Golisopod, Lvl. 34 Masquerain

Guzma enters the fight with a pair of powerful Pokémon. Golisopod uses powerful physical moves, and often unleashes Sucker Punch, hitting first and dealing more damage if you’re about to attack. Golisopod is weak to Electric, Flying — anything that Bug Types are weak to. Same goes to Masquerain, but both Pokémon are powerful enough to defeat similarly-leveled Pokémon in a single hit. Bring an ice /electric / rock type to defend against the annoying Air Slash attack.

For defeating Guzma, you’ll get a Z Crystal made specifically for the third stage of your starter Pokémon. After that, Lillie arrives with Acerola, another Trial Captain. She’ll tell you where to go — travel up Route 11 and move through Tapu Village. Route 11 is on the road south of Malie City.

On Route 11, Rotom will unlock an upgrade so you’ll earn more money from trainer battles. Don’t miss the TM74 Gyro Ball in the center of the path. For defeating the Bewear trainer, you’ll also get a TM66 Payback.

Route 11 leads to Route 12, a rocky plateau that you can only cross with the help of some Pokémon. Hapu will give you the Mudsdale Ride Pager, allowing you to cross the harsh terrain. It’s a pretty long route, and you’ll have to navigate Route 13 too — take your time, retreat to a PokeCenter to refresh, and catch lots of Pokémon. Route 13 is really short and safe, so reaching Tapu Village should be easy.

Before you can start the trial, visit Aether House, northwest from the old ruins PokeCenter. You’ll meet lots of strange characters along the way — the Ultra Recon Squad, Gladion — but you’ll only have to fight wild Pokémon and wandering trainers. Two children will attack in Aether House, but you shouldn’t have any problem taking care of them.

Talk to Acerola in Aether House, and on your way out you’ll encounter a Team Skull Grunt menacing Lillie and Cosmog. After a quick battle, Acerola will lead you to the trial site — it’s on the road just south of the Tapu Village PokeCenter.

Captain Acerola’s Trial

Use the dark, black sand beach path south of Tapu Village to reach the old abandoned supermarket. Route 14 is pretty short, with only a few weak trainers to slow you down.

  • NOTE: Use Lapras to reach the manmade island west of the Route 15 shore. You’ll find a small sidequest with a woman being menaced by wild Frillish. She’ll give you a Destiny Knot for defeating the Frillish. On the island platform, there’s also a TM30 Shadow Ball.

Enter the Thrifty Megamart to begin the trial. To make the Totem Pokémon appear, you’ll need to explore the abandoned supermarket and take pictures of Ghost Type Pokémon. The area is full of Ghost Types, so you better go in prepared.

Ghost Pokémon are weak to Steel and other Ghost Types. Ghost Pokémon are also immune to many Normal or Fighting Type physical attacks. To complete the trial, you’ll need to take pictures of Ghost Type Pokémon — after taking a picture, the Ghost Type will attack, so be prepared for a few fights!

  • Poke Finder #1: Examine the conveyor that’s moving on its own at the checkout counter. The ghost is above the conveyor.
  • Poke Finder #2: Examine the rattling shopping cart in the front-left corner of the store. The Haunter is floating above the cart.
  • Poke Finder #3: Examine the floating Pokémon dolls in the back-right corner of the store. A Gengar walks around the far-right or far-left corners of the frame.

After taking all three pictures and completing the Pokémon battles, follow the phantom Pikachu into the stock room in the center-back of the store. A strange image of Acerola will appear — don’t listen to her! Stay and complete the trial.

Final Poke Finder: In the spooky stock room, turn all the way around to see the Mimikyu. It’s right behind you!

  • Battle: Lvl. 35 Totem Mimikyu
    • Allies: Lvl. 32 Banette, Lvl. 33 Jellicent

Decidueye’s unique Z-Crystal attack, Sinister Arrow Raid, is incredibly powerful in this fight, but don’t use it until you’ve busted Totem Mimikyu’s disguise! Banette will constantly use Feint Attack or Will-o’-Wisp to cause burn, while Mimikyu uses a powerful attack called Playing Rough.

Save your best Pokémon for last — I recommend defeating the allies first with your less-than-stellar first picks. When they’re defeated, swap to more powerful Pokémon. Unless you’re high level, this fight can get pretty bad. You’ll want to end it quick.

For winning, you’ll earn Ghostium-Z — you’ll also be able to catch Pokémon in the trial site! Not bad if you’re looking for some cool ghostly Pokémon to join your roster. Acerola will give you 10 Dusk Balls — they help catch Pokémon at night.

Next up, it’s time to complete the Grand Trial! But first, take a trip back to Aether House.


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