Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 7: Captain Sophocles’s Trial

Now that the second island is complete, you’ll travel down to Ula’ula Island after a quick visit to Aether Paradise in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Before reaching Sophocles, the first trial captain on a whole new island, you’ll have to face off against an Ultra Beast! Lots of story details get filled in during this chapter.

There are plenty of places to visit on your travels around Ula’ula Island. First, you’ll have to navigate beautiful Malie Garden before trekking through Route 10 and up Mount Hokulani. The trial itself is a series of puzzles — and the final puzzle is a little bit of a mystery you’ll have to figure out on your own. It all leads to a difficult Totem Pokémon boss battle, so prepare yourself with a visit to the PokeCenter and stock up!

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Table of Contents:

Walkthrough | Part 7: Captain Sophocles’s Trial

After completing the Grand Trial on Akala Island, you’re not quite ready to leave just yet. Travel down to Heahea City and travel east down the main street to reach Hano Grand Hotel — that’s your next goal.

NOTE: At Hano Grand Hotel, don’t miss the Chuuster side-quest. In front of the hotel, find a reporter to the left and defeat her. Chuuster will give you Pikanium-Z, and his butler will teach a Pikachu in your team Volt Tackle.

In the Hano Grand Hotel lobby, Chief Faba will introduce himself. He’s a squirrelly member of the Aether Foundation, and he’ll show you around Aether Paradise — Aether’s floating headquarters. Hau will join you too. During the lengthy visit to Aether Paradise, you’ll also meet Wicke (another high-ranking member) and President Lusamine. While talking to her, an Ultra Wormhole appears and a strange creature appears.

  • Battle: Lvl. 27 ??? Ultra Beast

The strange Ultra Beast uses Psychic attacks, but shouldn’t be a challenge versus your entire group. After that, Lusamine will bring out the Ultra Recon Squad — yes, those weird guys are here too! They’re working with the Aether Foundation to investigate an Ultra Beast called Necrozma. Apparently, it’s pretty dangerous!

You’ll get TM29 Psychic for beating the Ultra Beast, then you’ll travel to Ula’ula Island. First stop, Malie Garden! But first, a battle against Hau.

  • Battle: Hau
    • Team: Lvl. 30 Brionne, Lvl. 28 Noibat, Lvl. 28 Flareon, Lvl. 29 Raichu,

This is a surprisingly tough fight. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to win! This is a friendly match. You’ll get a Lycanium-Z crystal after the fight, too.

Up in Malie Garden, you’ll need to go left and through the narrow patch of land to reach the tea shop where Professor Kukui is waiting for you. Talk to him at the rest stop and he’ll tell you where to find your next trial — it’s up on Mount Hokulani. You can reach the peak from the bus stop on Route 10.

Before we can begin that quest, you’ll need to talk to Lillie in Malie Library. The Library is up in the northern part of the city. There, you’ll meet another Trial Captain; Acerola. She’ll help out, and show Lillie a book about an ominous prophecy.

Leave through the west (southern road) to reach Route 10. Talk to the Police Officer if you need directions. The route itself is pretty short — you’ll have to deal with some trainers (that are all optional) until you get to the bus stop.

  • Battle: Team Skull Grunt
    • Team: Lvl. 29 Houndour, Lvl. 29 Golbat

Defeat the grunts and you’ll be able to use the Bus Stop. It’s an instant trip up to the top of the mountain. Very convenient! You can explore the mountain itself on-foot, or you can just skip straight to the Observatory.

Captain Sophocles’s Trial

At the top of the mountain, you’ll find Hokulani Observatory. There’s a PokeCenter, so don’t forget to refresh and stock up on items before entering the observatory. Before entering the Observatory, Dr. Molayne will give you Steelium-Z.

Go to Sophocles in his office and he’ll ask you to call all the Charjabugs. Go outside and look the grassy spots in the empty lot to find them all. The last Charjabug is to the left of the bus station. Once they’re all collected, the trial will start for real.

To complete this trial, you’ll need to move the Charjabug on the roller panels to connect them and help charge the machine. To move the Charjabug, press the buttons on each corner of the roller table. Press the buttons at the corners described below.

  • Puzzle #1: Top-Left -> Top-Right
  • Puzzle #2: Bottom-Right -> Bottom-Left -> Bottom-Left
  • Puzzle #3: Top-Right -> Bottom-Left -> Top-Left

After each puzzle, you’ll encounter a Lvl. 29 Electric Pokémon. They’re all Electric Type, so bring Ground Type Pokémon. There are plenty on the path up to Mount Hokulani. After the third puzzle, the Totem Pokémon boss will appear.

  • Battle: Lvl. 33 Totem Togedemaru
    • Ally: Lvl. 32 Skarmory, Lvl. 31 Dedenne

The Totem Togedemaru begins the battle with a Defense buff. It will summon its ally Pokémon like usual, and uses powerful attacks like Bounce. When it does, you can swap Pokémon or dodge on the next turn. It really likes using this attack! Use Electric, Grass or Dragon Type so it’s attack will not be effective.

For completing the battle, you’ll get an Electrium-Z crystal. Now that the trial is complete, Sophocles will ask you a favor — take a trip back to Malie Garden and give Kukui his missing mask.



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