Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 6: Olivia’s Grand Trial

There’s one last trial to complete on Akala Island in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Olivia’s Grand Trial, like all Grand Trials, is pretty basic. Instead of watching dances or selecting ingredients, all you’ll need to do is defeat Olivia’s Rock Type Pokémon. They’re high level, and getting there isn’t exactly easy thanks to multiple Trainer encounters on the way.

Beating Olivia will complete our trials on Akala Island. It’s almost time to set off for the third island, but first you’ll have to fight Team Skull grunts, and meet up with the Team Skull Admin Plumeria. She isn’t happy with how you’ve been constantly kicking Team Skull butt. After Plumeria, you’ll just have Olivia to fight. You’ll hit up some story beats and move on to the next challenge.

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Walkthrough | Part 6: Olivia’s Grand Trial

Next stop is the Dimensional Research Lab in Heahea City. You can travel there on-foot, or call your Charizard with the Ride Pager to fast travel there. In Heahea City, travel east along the main street to the building with the large satellite dish outside. Lillie is waiting outside.

Go inside the lab and ride the lift up to 3F — upstairs, you’ll meet Prof. Kukui’s wife, Prof. Burnet. She’ll explain a little bit about Ultra Wormholes and other weird circumstances, but all you really need to do (for now) is talk to Lillie about her past. On your way out, talk to Kukui to learn about your final trial on Akala Island — the Grand Trial!

To reach Island Kahuna Olivia, you’ll need to travel through Diglett’s Tunnel and reach Konikoni City. Diglett Tunnel is south of the PokeCenter. The tunnel is full of random wild Pokémon battles — the enemies here are Lvl. 23~ so you’ll want to be prepared. At the end of the trek, you’ll encounter a pair of Team Skull grunts.

  • Battle: Team Skull Grunts
    • Team: Lvl. 23 Ekans, Lvl. 23 Salandit

Leaving Diglett Tunnel, you’ll meet a strange man called the Looker. He drops some ominous hints about a Pokémon mafia — and he’ll give you a free Thunder Stone! Use it with Pikachu to evolve into Raichu.

Inside Konikoni City, enter the store with the hammer sign outfront — that’s Olivia’s store. Inside, a Pokémon will give you a note from Olivia. She wants to meet you in the Ruins of Life, past Memorial Hill. Stop at the PokeCenter and heal up, then take the alternate path from Route 9 (entrance to Konikoni) to find the road to Memorial Hill.

Memorial Hill is a short cemetery with a few Pokémon trainers and a few patches of grass you’ll need to get through. Naturally, you’ll encounter wild Ghost Type Pokémon here. Halfway through, you’ll encounter the Aether Foundation Chief and two more Team Skull grunts.

  • Battle: Team Skull Grunt
    • Team: Lvl. 24 Alolan Raticate

On the rocky ledge, don’t miss TM28 Leech Life. At the entrance to the Ruins of Life, you’ll also encounter one of the Team Skull Head Honchos — Plumeria. She won’t leave without a fight.

  • Battle: Team Skull Admin Plumeria
    • Team: Lvl. 26 Golbat, Lvl. 27 Salandit

Like all Flying Types, her Golbat is weak to Electricity. Her Salandit is a lizard that’s weak to Water or Psychic — after getting that Thunder Stone, using it to get a Raichu will make this battle pretty easy.

Olivia’s Grant Trial

Finally, you’ll be able to enter the Ruins of Life and begin Olivia’s Grand Trial. Lillie will arrive (with Burnett’s help) and heal your Pokémon before you face off against Olivia.

  • Battle: Island Kahuna Olivia
    • Lvl. 27 Anorith, Lvl. 28 Lycanroc,

Rock Types are weak to plenty of Pokémon — bring Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel or Water types to your fight against Olivia. All of them will do double damage to Rock Types. Olivia uses items, so you’ll want to do as much damage as possible. Save your Z-Move for the last Pokémon (or a Pokémon you’re struggling with) and this Grand Trial should be over in a snap.

For completing the Grand Trial, Olivia will reward you with Rockium-Z. It isn’t time to leave Akala just yet — someone from the Aether Foundation wants to talk to you in Hano Grand Resort. That’s for next time, though.


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