Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How to Get Every New Z-Crystal | All Z-Move Locations

Mimikyu, Necrozma, Lycanroc and more gain powerful Z-Moves in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but unlocking these rare crystals isn’t always so obvious. Z-Crystals are a new addition to the Pokémon franchise, first appearing in Sun and Moon, and their role gets expanded here. Now you can unleash devastating super-attacks with even more awesome Pokémon — and it’s pretty obvious, but the best one is Mimikyu’s super-weird hug attack. Nobody wants to get hugged by you, Mimikyu.

Z-Moves are unlocked when your train has collected two items; the Z-Ring, and a Z-Crystal. Only a rare few Pokémon get Z-Moves, but when you find a Z-Crystal, it’s a pretty good idea to bust those Pokémon out in battle. Hala rewards the trainer with a Z-Ring, which is pretty similar to a Mega Ring from previous generations. Instead of transforming into Mega forms, you’ll instead unlock a one-use-per-battle super attack that will devastate most opponents. They’re awesome, and below we’ve got a list of all the new Z-Crystals you can collect in Ultra Sun and Moon.

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How to Get Every New Z-Crystal | All Z-Move Locations

Z-Moves are special, super-powered attacks that are unlocked for specific Pokémon after collecting their unique Z-Crystal. These crystals can be tricky to find if you don’t know where to look. Here, you’ll find a complete list of all the Z-Crystals exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

  • Mimimkyu – Mimikium-Z
    • Ula’ula Island: Route 14 – Go to the abandoned shopping center at night and chase Mimikyu to the back room. When you encounter Mimikyu and Pikachu, ask for Mimikyu and both will disappear, leaving behind a Mimikium-Z crystal.
  • Lycanroc – Lycanium-Z
    • Ula’ula Island: Malie City – You can’t miss this one. Battle Hau in Malie City as you progress through the story, and Hau will gift you the Lycanium-Z crystal.
  • Kommo-o – Kommonium-Z
    • Poni Island: Poni Plains – After completing the main story, go to the Poni Plains Grotto to find an optional pedestal with the crystal inside.
  • Lunala / Solgaleo 
    • Melemele Island: Iki Town – After catching / defeating Necrozma in the main story, go to Iki Town and up to the broken bridge at Mahalo Trail. Talk to Lillie to get Solgaleo / Lunala, depending on the version of Ultra Moon / Ultra Sun you own.
      • Next, go through the Warp Hole at the Altar of the Sunne / Moone and travel to the Lake of the Sunne / Moone in the alternate dimension.
      • If you have Solgaleo, wait until night to visit.
      • If you have Lunala, wait until day to visit.
    •  When you arrive at the right time with your legendary in your party, Cosmog will appear. Take Cosmog with you to get a Z Crystal, too.
  • Necrozma – Ultranecrozium-Z
    • This one can’t be missed. After defeating Necrozma, if you agree to take Necrozma with you (talk to the Ultra Recon Squad) then you’ll also collect the Ultranecrozium-Z crystal.


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