Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 2: Hala’s Grand Trial

Complete the first Grand Trial and defeat the Kahuna of Melemele Island as we march into Part 2 of the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon walkthrough. After breaking through Route 3, your trainer will return to the tiny Iko Town and face off against Hala and his Grand Trial. It’s pretty simple — all you  have to do is beat him in a Pokémon battle.

No challenges or objectives here. Hala is a Fighting type master, so you’ll want to bring a few Flying or Psychic type Pokémon into the battle to even the odds. All of Hala’s Pokémon are Level 15-16, and he’s got a nasty trick up his sleeve. Beware the Fightinium-Z crystal! And enjoy all the fancy rewards that unlock after completing this stage of the adventure. This is it for Melemele Island — onto the Marina and Island #2 when you get that stamp.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Table of Contents:

Walkthrough | Part 2: Hala’s Grand Trial

The grand trial is pretty simple — you just need to fight and defeat Kahuna Hala! That’s your final major story-related task on Melemele Island, so you’ll want to get prepared before taking on Hala’s team of Pokémon. This is the first real challenge you’ll face, and Hala primarily uses Fighting type Pokémon.

After completing Captain Ilima’s Trial, you’ll need to navigate Route 3 and help find Nebby in the Seaward Cave. Then it’s a straight shot to Iko Town — talk to Kahuna Hala, the guy in the yellow shirt, to begin the fight.

Hala’s Grand Trial: Iko Town

There’s no tricks to the Grand Trial. Getting to Hala is all that’s required. Talk to him and the trial will begin when you confirm you’re ready for a fight.

NOTE: Level up Flying and Psychic type Pokémon to counter Hala’s Fighting types. Route 3 is full of flying type Pokémon you can catch, and you can find other Pokémon like Psyduck on Melemele Island that will make this fight much easier. 

Stock up on items and organize your Pokémon. Island Kahuna Hala has three Pokémon on his team, so I recommend going into the fight with your starter Pokémon, and at least one or two Flying / Psychic type Pokémon that can use Super Effective attacks on his team.

  • Battle: Island Kahuna Hala
    • Team: Lvl. 15 Machop, Lvl 15. Makuhita, Lvl. 16 Crabrawler

Hala has a trick up his sleeve — he’ll unleash a Z-Crystal attack when he’s on his last Pokémon! When you’re facing off against Crabrawler, try to use a Bug, Flying, Psychic, Fairy, Poison, or Ghost type. You’ll only take 1/2 damage, or in the case of a Ghost type, be completely unaffected.

Hala will also use Full Heals and Super Potions in this fight, so don’t go easy on his Pokémon! Use your strongest Super Effective attacks. Flying and Psychic are always best here.

For your hard work, you’ll earn a Fightinium-Z Crystal! Now you can unleash Fighting type Z-Moves on your opponents. You’ll unlock the PokeRide ability and be able to ride Tauros whenever you want. Tauros is fast and can break through giant rocks that block passageways.

You’ll also get TM54: False Swipe. This is an incredibly useful move for catching Pokémon, so learn it ASAP! Next, take a trip back to Hau’oli City and get to the Marina to start the next leg of your journey.


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