Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 4: Captain Kiawe’s Trial

The adventure continues on Akala Island in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In this episode, we head down to the Royal Avenue, meet the Ultra Recon Squad, and trek up Wela Volcano Park to complete another island trial. This one can be pretty tricky — so prepare accordingly!

There are some pretty important pitstops to make along the way. Royal Avenue is full of stuff to check out, including a large grocery store where you’ll find a few side-quests. Don’t miss out on the Battle Royale Dome — you’ll have to learn a little bit about the battle process, but you really can’t lose on your first try.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Table of Contents:

Walkthrough | Part 4: Captain Kiawe’s Trial

After completing Lana’s Trial, travel back to Paniola Ranch and head south. Talk to the Pokémon, and you’ll encounter a very special battle against one of the strange visitors — these weird characters attack with Pokémon that seem completely otherworldly. There’s only one, so your full team shouldn’t have a problem winning.

There are several trainers on the path down — at the end, you’ll encounter Team Skull, antagonizing Captain Hapu. She’ll split Pokémon Battle duties with you.

  • Battle: Team Skull Grunt
    • Team: Lvl. 17 Drowzee

Ghost Pokémon will easily be able to deal with the Drowzee. Capture them over in the Hau’oli Cemetery.

Royal Avenue

When the Grunt is defeated, the path to Royal Avenue will unlock. You’ll find the Battle Royal Dome here, as well as a PokeCenter. Go to the Dome entrance and follow Gladion inside — The Masked Royal (or the Professor!) will greet you and explain how the Battle Dome works.

NOTE: Enter the Battle Dome, and you’ll begin a Battle Royal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to win to progress. If you lose, you’ll simply continue the story.

After completing the battle, Captain Kiawe will invite you to his trial at the top of Wela Volcano Park. Go through the exit to Royal Avenue in the northeast corner — Wela Volcano Park is just to the left. Route 7 is extremely short and entirely optional. If you want to catch Pokémon, use the path to go down to the beach and hop on Lapras.

Wela Volcano Park

The path up to the top of the Volcano is guarded by multiple trainers. You’ll also need to cross tall grass. Like Route 7, the area is almost completely optional. You can skip the first Sightseer Trainer by walking in the grass. Enter the cave and you’ll reach the (almost!) top of the volcano.

If you want to explore the volcano more, go left of the trial entrance and follow the cliffs down to the cavern leading to a larger area with more patrolling trainers in grassy patches.

NOTE: On the right side of the volcano, look on the ledge for a yellow Pokeball. It containsTM39 Rock Tomb.

Cubone can be captured in the tall grass on the right side of the volcano. They’re especially great thanks to False Attack — an attack that lowers enemy Pokémon HP to 1 without defeating them. Perfect for capturing Pokémon!

Captain Kiawe’s Trial

Talk to the NPCs waiting outside the trial grounds. They’ll heal your Pokémon so you don’t have to use items or return to a PokeCenter. When you’re ready, go up to the top of the volcano to begin this short trial.

Instead of battling, you’ll have to watch Marowak dances and tell Kiawe what’s different after each dance. After each dance, you’ll need to fight a Marowak in battle. Alolan Marowak are Fire / Ghost dual types. Bring water or other ghost types to make mince meat out of these guys.

  • Dance #1: The middle Marowak
  • Dance #2: Where they’re looking
  • Dance #3: The big Pokemon

After the second dance, a Hiker Trainer will attack with a Lvl. 19 Magmar. After that, complete the final dance sequence and you’ll meet the Totem Marowak.

  • Battle: Lvl. 22 Totem Marowak

This is a Totem Marowak, so it summons allies, has a huge amount of health, and begins with a buff at the start of the fight. As a Fire / Ghost type, a Water type with Ghost special attacks is the best. Marowak will summon Salazzle — it comes with Dragon type attacks which are powerful against lots of Pokémon types, so you’ll want to defeat it quickly!

Water Type Pokémon will have the best defense in this battle, and Ghost type will be able to dish out double damage to the Marowak if you don’t have any Water type special attacks. If you’re strong enough, ignore the Salazzle and defeat Marowak — but Salazzle is pretty powerful.

For defeating the Totem Marowak, you’ll earn the Firium-Z crystal, 10 Quick Balls, and the Charizard Ride Pager. There’s still one more trial to complete on Akala Island — the blockade down on Route 7 should now be removed.



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