Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: All New Evolution Methods | How To Evolve Guide

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is full of new Pokémon, and new Pokémon evolutions. Many of these fresh breeds require special evolution methods that haven’t really appeared in the series for a long time — and you’ll even be able to get Kanto forms instead of Alolan forms if you evolve Pokémon in a very specific location. We’ll break down how it all works in the guide below. There aren’t too many new Evolution methods, but it helps to know them all before venturing too far into the wilds of Ultra Sun and Moon.

The vanilla version of Sun and Moon added tons (and tons!) and new Pokémon, including Alolan forms for earlier generations that replaced their regular Kanto forms. That game also introduced the Ultra Beasts, strange Pokémon-like beings from another dimension with their own evolutionary quirks. There are tons of fresh Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Moon, but here we’re focusing on just the new methods that are exclusive (so far) to Ultra Sun and Moon.

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All New Evolution Methods | How To Evolve Guide

NOTE: This guide only covers new evolutions featured in Ultra Sun and Moon.

New Pokémon Evolutions

The following Pokémon will evolve into new forms if you follow the specific guidelines below. One requires that you reach Level 25 and evolve at a very specific time of day or Rockruff will become a different form of Pokémon when it evolves at Level 25. The other is an Ultra Beast evolution, and will only evolve while leveling up with a certain attack unlocked and in its moveset.

  • Rockruff -> Evolves Into -> Lycanroc
    • Evolves at Level 25, between 5:00-5:59 PM.
  • Poipole -> Evolves Into -> Naganadel
    • Evolves when Leveling Up with the Dragon Pulse move learned.
    • Go to the Move Reminder to re-learn Dragon Pulse.


Kanto Pokémon Evolutions

A new feature to Ultra Sun and Moon, you can also evolve certain Pokémon so that they don’t become Alolan forms. Pokémon will naturally evolve into Alolan forms in Ultra Sun and Moon (same as vanilla Sun and Moon) — you change the evolution path and get “standard” versions, activate their regular evolution methods in Ultra Space.

  • Pokémon will evolve into Kanto forms instead of Alolan forms when activating their evolutions while in Ultra Space.

Here’s a full list of Pokémon that can evolve into Kanto form while in Ultra Space.

  • Charjabug -> Evolves Into -> Vikavolt
    • Level up while in Blush Mountain.
  • Cubone -> Evolves Into -> Marowak
    • Reaches Level 28 (in Ultra Space).
  • Exeggcute -> Evolves Into -> Exeggutor
    • Use a Leaf Stone (in Ultra Space).
  • Magneton -> Evolves Into -> Magnezone
    • Level up while in Blush Mountain.
  • Pikachu -> Evolves Into -> Raichu
    • Use a Thunder Stone (in Ultra Space).

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