Destiny 2: How To Defeat Thaviks | Boss Guide

Here’s how to defeat Thaviks from the Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike.

Destiny 2 is officially out and while gamers are going through the various quests and Strikes, you may find yourself a bit hung up on how to defeat a boss or two. In this particular guide, we’ll showcase how to defeat the boss Thaviks who appears in the Exodus Crash Strike.

Being a Strike, defeating this boss will be quite a bit easier if you have a team of at least three players as you’ll find that at certain points within the boss battle, a teammate may be useful to clear out the swarm of Overcharge Shanks that appear. At any rate, here’s a quick run down on how to defeat Thaviks and while you’re at it, you can check out our full Strike walkthrough guide right here.

Destiny 2 Bosses Guide Table of Contents


Boss Name
  • Thaviks
Weak Spot
  • Head
  • Fast, powerful shrapnel launcher, cloaking device.

During the Boss Battle and while on the chasm chamber, take out the Overcharge Shanks by sniping them. This will essentially allow players to maneuver around the map without dealing with the additional electrified platforms.

As mentioned in the notes, Thaviks is fast, carries a powerful shrapnel launcher and has a cloaking device. It’s best that you keep your distance as he can also deal melee attacks if you’re close enough. At first, your team should focus on dealing as much damage to Thaviks as possible, while also keeping note of the entrances and pods for Overcharge Shanks.

  • Note: Have a teammate use a Super to quickly bring down his initial health gauge.

For most of the battle, Thaviks will be at the far end of the room while only coming out after losing about ten percent of his health. Once he loses enough health he may transport over to the entrance side of the room where more enemies will spawn.

After he reaches about forty percent health, Thaviks will enable all four shank spawners while using blade weapons. Soon, Thaviks will be more combative with melee attacks and Overcharge Shanks. The overall routine shouldn’t change much but at this point with his health so close to being depleted, use your Supers to end the fight.

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