Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | The Mines

The second level of Necrum is The Mines — and you’ll be able to save more Mudokons than ever before in this tricky Oddworld: Soulstorm level. There are a whopping 47 Mudokons to rescue here, but it isn’t too bad. If anything, these rescue jobs are getting easier! The tricky part is helping your Mudokon friends reach the Bird Portals. And there’s nothing as hard as that backtracking section with the single Mudokon in Necrum.

Really, the only Mudokons you’re likely to miss here are hidden in a secret area. And it’s a very well-hidden secret found at the very end of the stage. If you’re missing any Mudokons on your second playthrough, go ahead and scroll to the end of this guide. That last group is the one bunch you won’t save on your first try.

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Mudokon #1-#3: Past the first Moolah door, you’ll need to enter a doorway to shut off the red electricity gate. Going right past the Slig guard and stampers, there are three Mudokon Workers. We can’t save them yet — you’ll need to get the next six first.

Mudokon #4-#9: The next six Mudokons can’t be missed. You need to enter the work area and call all six Mudokons off their valve-turning. The tricky part is getting them back across the spinning sawblades — use the new open areas to avoid the saws and get them back to the Bird Portal.

Mudokon #10-#13: Navigate the area with the red crushers and the levers until you reach four more Mudokons working on valves. Don’t miss the one worker on the far right corner.

Mudokon #14-#15: There are two more Mudokons you’ll run into as you progress to the left. You can’t miss them!

Mudokon #16-#18: Before you can progress into Level 2, you’ll need to take a lift down and enter an interior door where you’ll have to sneak by armored Sligs and red security fields. There are three Mudokon workers you can rescue to the right of the entrance.

Mudokon #19: There’s a fourth Mudokon worker to the left after you disable the red electricity gate.

Mudokon #20: And another between the two red crushers. The Bird Portal is just past those crushers.

Mudokon #21-#22: Once you unlock the path into Level 2 and get the red crushers moving, you’ll find two more Mudokon workers on the path, before the big fire you need to put out.

Mudokon #23: Ahead, there’s a worker Mudo under a red crusher, next to a lever. Make sure to move that Mudokon by calling to him before hitting the lever! The lever controls the red crushers, and you need it for crushing the Sligs in the background.

Mudokon #24-#30: After the Sligs, you’ll reach a huge tower packed with working Mudokons. Climb to the very top before calling them to you — a Sawblade will begin to lower after pulling any Mudokon off their work. Once all of them stop working, the saw will fall even faster.

Call all the Mudokons from the top, then climb down and try to leave at least one or two working while you reach safety. Once most of the Mudokons are on their way off the tower, you can call the last few. You can also use the lever at the bottom to drop the explosive crates.

Mudokon #31-#35: Continue to the Level 3 lift, and you’ll encounter a giant sawblade machine with flamethrowers. Reach the far right side and save the four worker Mudokons here — the tricky part is getting them back to the Bird Portal near the entrance. Don’t miss the two cleaning Mudokons in the far-right corner, past the workers!

Mudokon #36-#40: In Level 3, you’ll need to sprint by shooting Sligs, then reach more Mudokon workers near some sleeping Sligs. Sneak down and free all five of the workers — again, this is required to progress.

Mudokon #41-#42: There are two more cleaning Mudokons on the path to the gigantic sawblade machine.

Secret Area + Mudokon #43-#47: The last Mudokons are cleverly hidden. At the Freight Lift that you can control, go backwards (toward the foreground) instead of forward. That takes you to a secret area with several more Mudokon you can rescue.