Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Slig Barracks

The deadly Slig Barracks is packed with Mudokons, and we’re going to explain how to save them all. The hard part isn’t finding them all here, it’s just keeping all your buddies alive. There are two sequences at the end of the level that work kind of like a rail-shooter. If you bring your Mudokon friends with you, they’re likely to get shot into swiss cheese. There’s a better way.

The Slig Barracks is a massive military fortress guarded by armies of Slig soldiers. You’ll have to dodge bullets and fight back against the Sligs using new weapons like the Fizzy Pow bombs that can destroy weak floor panels. There are some secret Mudokons to find — and some that will die if you’re not careful.

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Mudokon #1: You can’t miss him. He’s right on the path to the first interior. Just backtrack left to find the Bird Portal.

Mudokon #2-#7: There are five Mudokons in the first Barracks. Four are at the top, while the fifth is along the path down, near the bottom of the rope lift. Another is just below the rope lift. Lead them to the interior exit to reach the Bird Portal.

Mudokon #8-#9: There are two Mudokons right before the long minefield where Sligs shoot at you from the background. Use Smoke Bombs and disable the mines in your path to lead the two Mudokons across safely.

Mudokon #10: Past the minefield, you’ll reach an area guarded by two Sligs, with a Mudokon worker on the level beneath the checkpoint. Knock out the Sligs to rescue him.

Mudokon #11-#13: In the area left of the previous Mudokon, there are three more. One is right in your path near the vending machines, while two more are down an optional path guarded by Greeters. Stand on the floor switch to open the panels — knock out the Slig and get the workers to follow you. We now have six Mudos. Use the button below if the gates close on you — you’ll need to run to the exit and stand on a button to let your Mudo friends out.

The Bird Portal is ahead, above the infinite Slig spawner. Defeat the Slig, then open the portal to give your Mudokons time to jump in.

Mudokon #14-#15: In the Slig Barracks underground, through the door, you’ll find a Mudokon worker above the Greeter. There’s another in this Greeter section, before the checkpoint.

Mudokon #16-#18: After the Greeters, you’ll enter a large section where you have to take cover while Sligs shoot at you. Duck under the sandbags to avoid getting shot! Possess the Sligs and walk into the floating mines to make the rest of the area easier — and use a Slig to reach the bottom floor to shoot the Slogs.

Mudokon #19: Down on the Furnace level, you’ll have to talk to a Mudokon. He’ll send you to the Maintenance Storage to get an item you need — tell him to wait here. You won’t be able to save him until much later.

Secret Area + Mudokon #20-#27: In the top-right corner of the Maintenance Area where you acquire the Fizzy Pow, there’s a hidden door to a long secret area. There are eight Mudokons in the secret area — and Sligs will constantly be shooting at you. Use lots of Smoke and be aware that the Sligs will only shoot at Abe. The rest of your Mudokons are safe! You only need to worry about yourself, so you can call all of them to get moving and they won’t be targeted.

Make sure to rescue all eight Mudokons here before moving on.

Mudokon #28: Once you complete the Maintenance Storage and use the Fizzy Pow to blast open the floor, you’ll find another Mudokon that advises you. Add this Mudokon (so you have two followers now) then lead him back out of the area. Later in the stage, Slig reinforcements will arrive and kill these two Mudokons if you don’t hide them.

Mudokon #29-#40: There Furnace area is packed with Mudokons in the back row. Collect all of them to disable the furnace — Slig reinforcements will arrive with a lift near the start of the area. Fight your way back, and run all the way far to the right of the lift — now you can possess the Sligs and defeat them all.

Don’t ride the lift with the cannon yet! Instead, return to the lift you used to enter the Furnace area, and ride up with your Mudokon friends. It leads right up to an alternate Bird Portal.

After saving the Mudokons, THEN you can return to the cannon lift. Use Fizzy Pow to blast the Sligs that appear.

Mudokon #41-#45: Ride the package delivery lift to the midway point, where you’ll find five more Mudokons. Equip Fizzy Pow and ride the lift up toward the exit — blasting all the Sligs and Flying Sligs that appear. This part is tricky, so you may have to reset to learn exactly where the Sligs will appear. The faster you knock them out, the safer your Mudokons will be.