Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Necrum

Welcome to Necrum, a massive cavern packed with deadly drills and other mining machinery bent on turning Abe and his pals into mincemeat. Instead of dealing with tons of Sligs, you’ll be doing lots of careful dodging. Getting Abe through in one piece isn’t that bad — it gets a whole lot harder when you’re leading hapless Mudokons through the meatgrinder.

And there are some very easy-to-miss Mudokons in this level. Most of them, you’ll encounter as you progress through the stage. There are a lot of working Mudokons you need or the machinery will block your path. It’s just those Secret Areas — and one particular aggravating Mudokon you have to backtrack with to save. There are 32 here, but we only need 30 to earn the Platinum Badge… let’s save them all anyway.

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Mudokon #1: Found in the upper-right, past the first set of security grids and sleeping Slig.

Mudokon #2-#5: Sneak past the Greeters, and you’ll find four Mudokons working on pipes. Free them and the way forward will open — these four are required, and now we have five.

Lead the Mudokons down through the enemies, past the giant saws, and kill the snipers to reach a Bird Portal.

Mudokon #6-#7: Riding a large lift down, you’ll reach an area with a patrolling Greeter and two working Mudokons. These two you have to free to progress. The Bird Portal is past the saw traps.

Mudokon #8-#10: Go through the door and reach an area with more spinning blades blocking your way. Ride the lift up to find three more Mudokons working under a giant billboard. You have to free these guys to move the sawblades. The tricky part is leading them through the gauntlet without getting chopped up.

Secret Area + Mudokon #11-#16: While leading the three previous Mudos through the sawblades, you’ll reach a Vendos! sign. Double-jump up to a high ledge to reach a visible door leading into a secret area. There are six Mudokons to save inside.

Mudokon #17-#19: Keep navigating the sawblades until you reach three more Mudokons working on turning valves. These Mudokons must join your followers or you can’t progress. Now you’ll have six Mudokons in your party total.

Take the lift down and into the area with the fast-moving carts you need to dodge. Past that, you’ll finally find a Bird Portal to save these six.

Mudokon #20: Except, there’s still another Mudokon you need to rescue. Past the Bird Portal, past all the sawblades, there’s one lonely Mudokon. You’ll have to backtrack to the Bird Portal — and going back through the saws is much harder. Try rolling instead of running. You have much more control to get close to the saws.

Mudokon #21-#23: Ahead, you’ll reach an area with an infinite Slig spawner and three very fast moving saws. Summon a Slig by raising the alarm, then possess it and press the green button in the path of the saws. Only the possessed Slig can do it. This opens a passage below that leads to three Mudokons you can save.

Secret Area + Mudokon #24-#27: The path you just unlocked (with the previous Mudokons) also has a secret area door. At the top of the ladder, don’t exit through the door — there’s another ledge high up with four Mudokons near a Bird Portal.

Mudokon #28-#31: Past the lengthy Monkey Bars section, you’ll reach a security zone with snipers. Climb up to the top and hit the three switches to kill all three snipers, then you can free the four Mudo workers below. You need to save them to progress.

Mudokon #32: The final Mudokon is to the upper-left of the level exit. Before hitting the button the unlocks the level exit door, climb up to the top-left ledge.