Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Eye of the Storm

The final level of Oddworld: Soulstorm has it all — hard to save Mudokons, lots of Mudokons, and multiple Secret Areas you can easily miss. We’re going to walk you through the heart of Soulstorm Brewery and show you where to find the very last batch of Abe’s buddies you can rescue. There are 50 total this time around, and saving them all will inch you closer to the good ending.

There are some dick moves in this level you’ll have to watch out for. Some Mudokons in secret areas and locked behind Moolah doors, so you’ll need to save up about 100~ Moolah between each section. Don’t spend too much, and check every container you can! Don’t forget to sell those empty bottles, too. You’ll also have to watch out for Mudokons you can accidentally kill — one area is full of wood you need to burn, and if you burn the wrong spot, your Mudokon friends will go up in smoke.

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Mudokon #1-#4: The first four Mudokons are found right at the start of the level. You can’t miss them.

Mudokon #5-#8: The first four Mudokons are required to complete the work whistle puzzle — you’ll have to defend your four workers with a Slig. After completing the puzzle, you can explore the left and right sides of this room to find two more Mudokons on each side.

Secret Area + Mudokon #9-#12: Arriving at the giant mixer machine, pass the high platforms and drop down to reach a Hard Candy vendo. Once you acquire the candy, climb back up and find the power conduit you can smash — break it, and a platform will lower above. Climb back up and use the lowered platform to reach a secret area with four hidden Mudokons.

Mudokon #13-#14: At Pump 1, complete the challenge where you have to knock out three Sligs so they can’t use their levers. This activates the red crushers — allowing you to pass under. Just ahead, there are two Mudokons.

Mudokon #15-#17: Moving on to Pump 2, where you’ll find lots of monkey bars, flying mines, and flamethrowers. There are three workers near the entrance to the challenge area.

Mudokon #18-#19: Activate Pump 2, and you’ll find two more workers in the lower-right corner of the area, right below the exit.

Mudokon #20-#23: Reach Pump 3 — another area guarded by Sligs. There are four Mudokons on the right. To reach them safely, you need to burn through the wooden wall on the top-right floor, then call them to safely before burning the area they’re working under.

Mudokon #24-#25: In the same Pump 3 area, there are two more Mudokons on the left corner near the triangle switch.

Secret Area + Mudokon #26-#30: Leaving Pump 3 and heading toward Pump 4, you’ll need to use a pulley lift to go down. Right at the bottom, there’s a red weak floor you can destroy with Fizzy Pow. Use it to blast through. At the bottom, you need 100 Moolah to unlock the door and save this large group. Make sure you’re saving up!

Mudokon #31-#36: At Pump 4, you’ll have to use Sticky Bombs to defeat Sligs guarding leavers. In the lower-left corner, you’ll find a large group of Mudokons you can save after enabling the pump.

Secret Area + Mudokon #37-#41: Going through the door and arriving at Pump 5, turn left and go down. There’s another 100 Moolah door. Save up your cash and you can unlock this door and immediately save them all.

Mudokon #42-#47: Six Mudokons are found under the Pump 5 puzzle. Another easy group.

Mudokon #48-#50: The last three Mudokons in the game are in the last boss chamber. Save them before turning the work wheel, and we’re done! Now you just need to beat the final three phases to earn your happy ending.