Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | The Funicular

We’ve finally made it to the first real level of Oddworld: Soulstorm. No more running and escaping constant chaos. In this level, you’ll need to craft antidote and start saving Mudokons. That’s one of the most important parts of the original games, and there are 24 Mudokons to save in this stage alone — many of them hidden in secret areas.

We’ll have to sneak, activate levers, and keep Mudokons safe to reach the Bird Portals. The game won’t even explain everything you need to know about leading Mudokons yet, but you’re mostly safe here. This level is all about exploring and taking your time. If you’re frustrated that you’re missing lots of Mudokons, here’s how to find them all.

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  • NOTE: You can’t start saving Mudokons in this stage until you’ve crafted the antidote. Once you do that, you can backtrack to areas to re-collect the Mudokons and save them.

Mudokon #1: You’ll meet him right after completing the antidote and leaving the cavern. You can’t miss him.

Mudokon #2: After riding the cart down, find this Mudokon on the platform below. Now we have two Mudokons we need to lead to safety.

Secret Area + Mudokon #3-#6: Go left from the previous Mudokon / cart and drop down to find a door to a secret area. There are three Mudokons here you can save with the Bird Portal.

Mudokon #7: Going forward, find this guy on the bridge before the leap. We now have three Mudokons following Abe.

Mudokon #8-#11: Continue forward and use the lift to return to the starting area of the level. There are four Mudokons you need to save here — once you get all seven, you can use the Work Whistle to unlock the exit door.

Mudokon #12-#14: Below the Work Whistle gate, go left to the large bridge near the start of the level. At the big jump, drop down below to find a hidden door. There’s a secret area here — go through the cavern to the bottom-right corner to find a Bird Portal. Save the three Mudokon workers down here!

Mudokon #15-#16: Ride the large cart, then go right instead of left. To the right, there’s an optional path that leads to a Royal Jelly and two more Mudokons.

Secret Area + Mudokon #17-#18: Right next to the previous two Mudokons, there’s a door to a Secret Area. Go inside and sneak past the guard dogs to rescue the two Mudokons on the upper platform.

Mudokon #19: Back on track, go left from the large cart and you’ll find another Mudokon before the Bird Portal. Now you can finally rescue everyone you’ve found so far. We’ve only got 5 more Mudokons to save now.

Secret Area + Mudokon #20-#24: Past the Bird Portal, you’ll see a shack to the right. Jump to the shack to find a secret ledge and path you can roll into. All five last Mudokons you need are in this secret area. Two are hidden — you’ll find one behind metal in the upper-right path. Drop down and check behind the metal wall to find him. The last secret one is in the large building at the top — you’ll see it on the way to the Bird Portal to your left.