Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Escape

You’ll be doing a lot of escaping generally in Oddworld: Soulstorm, but this time we’re just escaping a very specific location. After three grueling levels, we’re finally leaving Necrum Mines behind with all our Mudokon buddies. This is the big finale of the Ladder Defense mechanics — and you’ll have to complete 10 challenge rooms while doing your very best to keep the Mudokons alive.

Along the way, you’ll pick up more Mudokon followers. Thankfully, this time around you really don’t need to use them for aggro. They’re helpful and can make your life easier, but they absolutely are not required. For most of these challenge rooms, you’ll be able to possess Sligs and fight off the bad guys. That’s a whole lot more fun — and you can put your followers somewhere safe for an easy Platinum trophy.

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Mudokon #1-#3: The first three Mudokons are required to complete the level. You need the Shrykull power-up. Use Fizzy Pow to break through the red floors and reach these three on the right.

Mudokon #4-#5: After completing Holding Cell 9, the one where you have to possess a Slig from behind the wall, there are two Mudokons at the exit.

Mudokon #6: Complete Holding Cell 8 to find this Mudokon on the exit path. This is the cell where the Sligs ride lifts from the background.

Mudokon #7-#10: Reach Holding Cell 6 and use a big call to enter the large Vendo area. There are two Mudokons at the start, and two more inside the Holding Cell 6 area. Make sure to get them and bring them to safety before initiating the Ladder Defense! Bring them to the left side to keep them safe.

Mudokon #11-#12: Complete Holding Cell 5 — that’s the one with flying mines and security fields. These two are near the lockers, to the right of the exit lift.

Mudokon #13-#14: Reach Holding Cell 4 with the lift, and you’ll find two more Mudokons here. One is near the Vendo, and one is scrubbing the floor above the Vendos.

Now you just need to reach the Bird Portal with all your Mudokons alive! Put them somewhere safe for each Ladder Defense, and you’ll have no problems.