Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | The Yard

The Yard is our toughest challenge yet in Oddworld: Soulstorm. It might be one of the trickiest levels in the game — solely because of all the snipers. This huge freight storage yard is guarded by dozens of snipers. You’ll have to fight them, dodge them, or just sneak right past them — and you won’t have the benefit of Smoke Screens.

The Mudokons are a mix of hidden or not-so hidden, and keeping them alive is once again a tricky prospect. You’ll have to carefully move Mudokons through sniper zones without getting spotted. The annoying part of that is Mudokons can’t crawl. They always stand, and only crouch when they’re standing still. We’ll have to be extra careful to 100% this stage.

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Secret Area + Mudokon #1-#5: Past the first Moolah Door and Sniper Tower, you’ll reach an upper path to a cargo container. Ignore it for now and follow the lower path — dodge the snipers and continue past the fallen containers that appear to block the way. There is a Secret Area with five sick Mudokons.

Mudokon #6-#10: After using the cargo crane lift, you’ll reach a new area with five worker Mudokons turning valves. Free them all! This is in the area where you need to navigate a possessed Slig through multiple poles and areas.

Mudokon #11: Complete the Slig section and move the lift to the left so you can cross the gap. Ahead, you’ll drop down and go right — at the next small drop-off, there’s a hidden Mudokon in the corner.

Mudokon #12-#15: Reach the Bird Portal and free all the Mudokons you’ve collected so far. There’s a Monkey Bar to the upper-left — use it to reach the upper passage. At the end of the path, you’ll find another Bird Portal and four Mudos.

Mudokon #16-#18: Past the difficult section where you ride the loading crane past mines and snipers, you’ll reach a sign pointing you toward the Maintenance Area. Below the sign, there are three Mudokons you can save.

Mudokon #19: To the right of the previous three, there are red weak floors. Use a Fizzy Pow to blast them and knock out the patrolling Sligs — there’s one Mudokon worker below you can easily miss.

Mudokon #20-#25: Past three sniper laser sights and a Greeter robot, you’ll find optional Mudokons locked behind a Moolah door. Make sure to collect and save at least 75 moolah.

Mudokon #26: Clear out the Slogs from the red electricity gate / slog house puzzle, then climb the series of ledges. Part of the way up, you’ll find a Mudokon behind some crates.

Mudokon #27: Complete the cargo lift puzzles and escape the Slogs to find the last Mudokon just cleaning directly in your path.