Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | FeeCo Depot

The massive FeeCo Depot is Abe’s next stop in Oddworld: Soulstorm. To get all the ingredients for the cure, you’ll need to reach the shipping yard and steal the correctly marked containers. Before you can reach the yard, you’ll have to navigate the massive interior of FeeCo Depot. The place is packed with Sligs, but this is a mercifully short level compared to some of the others.

The tricky part is just finding all the Mudokons. There are secret areas all over the start of the map — and you’re likely to miss one of them, even if you’re searching carefully. You’ll have to reach Terminal 2 before you can even unlock some of these secret areas. One requires a Fizzy Pow item you can’t get until later, then you’ll have to backtrack to the start. It’s a pretty devious secret area — and we’re going to make sure you don’t miss any Mudokons.

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Secret Area + Mudokon #1-#4: Right at the start of the level, jump to a secret ledge to the left and drop down. There are four sick Mudokons to save next to a Bird Portal.

Secret Area + Mudokon #5-#7: Use the cargo lift to reach the second terminal. Go right from the lift and drop down to find a secret area. Below the patrolling Slig, there are three sick Mudokons and a Bird Portal.

Mudokon #8-#12: At Terminal 2, you’ll find a load of working Mudokons. Pull them off their valves. To get the fifth one behind the red electricity gate, follow the lower passage to reach a vertical shaft on the left side, it leads up and into the area. Press the green button to disable the electricity and bring the Mudokon with you.

You’ll need to reach the bottom of the terminal, past the army of Sligs and Slogs to reach the Bird Portal.

Secret Area + Mudokon #13-#16: After completing Terminal 2, you’ll unlock the lift and can craft Fizzy Pow. Backtrack to the start of the level and use the Fizzy Power to destroy a red floor — it leads to a long path with lots of Mudokons to save.

Mudokon #17-#21: Moving on to Terminal 3, you’ll encounter more working Mudokons at the top level. Like the previous terminal, you really can’t miss these guys. The tricky part is just making it to the end of the gauntlet of guards.

Mudokon #22-#23: Complete Terminal 3 and make it past the cargo delivery lift shooting sequence. Ahead, you’ll have to dodge incoming trains. There are two Mudokon works before the first train.

To get by the snipers, you need to cross the sniper zone and unlock the cart with a metal wall. That will give your Mudokons the cover they need to cross the sniper zone safely.

Mudokon #24-#25: The last two Mudokons are working near the second train crossing.