Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Brewery

We’ve finally arrived at the Brewery in Oddworld: Soulstorm. The heavily defended fortress is where all Soulstorm Brew is produced and distributed to the inhabitants of Oddworld — and it’s also where you’ll find 81 Mudokons to rescue. This is a long, grueling level that’s full of tricky challenges. If you want to keep all your Mudokon friends alive, we’ve got a few tips to make that a whole lot easier.

Actually finding all the Mudokons isn’t hard at all. There are no Mudokons in Secret Areas here. There are no tricks — all 81 Mudokons are right in your path. If you want to save them, you just need to keep them alive until you reach the Bird Portals. This level goes a long way toward saving 80% of the Mudokons in the game just out of shear volume, so let’s save them all.

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Mudokon #1-#3: The first three Mudokons can’t be missed. You’ll find them at the start of Tear Extraction 1 — you’ll need to clear out the Sligs ahead. There’s a Bird Portal right nearby.

Mudokon #4-#9: Take the lift down to the first Tear Extractor room. Each Tear Extractor room will have six Mudokons — three workers, and three trapped Mudokons. Using the lever will free the three and usually trigger an attack. For the first room, collect all six then quickly climb up to the high ledge on the left. Then you can knock out the Slig and use the lift to leave.

Mudokon #10: Taking the lift down, there’s another security area guarded by three patrolling Sligs. The Bird Portal is far to the right — and there’s a single extra worker you can save right above the entrance door. Don’t forget him!

Mudokon #11-#16: In the second Tear Extractor room, rescue the three Mudokon workers to initiate a Slig attack. They’ll appear from the security guard spawners — move everyone to the far left corner of the room. The first Slig spawns from the lower-right guard spawner.

Be ready to possess him first, then rush over to the left side — place your possessed Slig between you and your Mudokons to guard them, using his body as a shield. Then wait and shoot anyone that appears. Make sure to unload all your bullets between fights so you have a fully reloaded Slig. With a little practice, you can complete each of these sections with no problem. Follow the same strategy for each section like this.

When the fight is over, you can use the Bird Portal in this room.

Mudokon #17-#22: Save all six Mudokons in this area (third Tear Extractor), then run and hide on the upper-left platform.

Mudokon #23-#28: Reach the fourth Tear Extractor. This is just like the second. Save three Mudokons to initiate the attach. once again, the first Slig spawns on the right side. Move everyone left, possess the first Slig that spawns, and run to the far left to use it like a meat shield while also killing the rest of the incoming Sligs.

Mudokon #29-#32: In Tear Extractor 2, there are four more rooms. Before the first room, you’ll need to get past a challenge with sleeping Slogs. Near the exit door, you’ll find these three Mudokons.

Mudokon #33-#38: Six more Mudokons await in Tear Extractor 2-1. Remember this room? Just wait on the left platform after freeing everyone to avoid getting shot.

Mudokon #39-#44: Another combat challenge in Tear Extractor 2-2. You know the drill. Save the first three, hide in the left corner, possess the first Slig, then save the second trio. There’s a Bird Portal you can use after completing this challenge.

Mudokon #45-#50: Like the other ambush challenges, except this one has a Slog House. Save everyone, then hide on the left platform to sneak by the Slogs after they fall asleep — or use fire to scare off the Slogs near the lift and immediately knock out the Slig reinforcement.

Mudokon #51: Between Tear Extractor 2-3 and Tear Extractor 2-4, there’s a passage guarded by Sligs. There’s one Mudokon near the Brew vendo. Clear the mines blocking the entrance path to his spot.

Mudokon #52-#57: Tear Extractor 2-4 is a combat room. Save the first three, defeat all the Sligs, then rescue the last three. The first Slig spawns from the lower-left spawner this time.

Mudokon #58-#63: Reach Tear Extractor 3-1 to save six more Mudokons. This is another ambush room — but there’s a Flying Slig spawner in the corner along with Slogs. Hide in the upper-left corner and use a Binding Ball or just regular Hard Candy to defeat / knock out the Flying Slig before escaping.

Mudokon #64-#69: Tear Extractor 3-2 is a combat room. First Slig spawns on the right, so be prepared. Otherwise, it’s the same drill as always. Clear the room, save the last three Mudokons and use the Bird Portal.

Mudokon #70-#75: Tear Extractor 3-3 is an ambush room. There are Slogs and a Flying Slig. Once again, run to the upper-left platform, knock out the Flying Slig, wait for the Slogs to sleep, sneak past the regular Slig, and you’re home free to the lift.

Mudokon #76-#81: Six more Mudokons await in Tear Extractor 3-4. One more combat room for the road. Stay on the left side and possess the first Slig out of the lower-right spawner. Do the same thing (as always) and you’re home free.