Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Sorrow Valley

Sorrow Valley is right. The fifth level of Oddworld: Soulstorm makes your life difficult with some challenging encounters and even more Mudokons to save. There are a total of 31 here, and if you don’t find every single secret area, you’ll miss a bunch of these little helpless guys.

But there are bright spots to Sorrow Valley. You’ll get to have fun and blast your way through multiple Slig encounters — just don’t forget to shoot all the floating power sources and wooden walls before self-destructing. This is one of those levels that punishes you for rushing through it. You can easily get your Mudo friends killed if you’re not careful.

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Mudokon #1-#2: In the first optional cave right before you reach the large billboard, find these two Mudokons near the sleeping guard dog. You’ll need their help below to stand on the door switches.

Mudokon #3-#4: The next two Mudokons in the same cave are found locked in the small room near the start. Use the previous Mudos to stand on the switches to unlock the doors. Then lead them up high away from the sleeping dogs — you’ll need to lure the dogs away from the Bird Portal and close the doors to save these four.

Secret Area + Mudokon #5-#8: To reach the secret area, you need to possess a flying slig during the cart riding sequence. Use the Slig to fly right and you’ll find a Royal Jelly and a door blocked by a wooden wall. Blast them both and you’ll be able to enter the secret area. Clear the Sligs in the secret area, and you’ll find four Mudos to save — just lead them back to the Bird Portal near the start.

Secret Area + Mudokon #9-#11: After the cart ride, you’ll reach a very tall ladder. Climb to the top and use the monkey bars to reach an optional path. Up top, there are three Mudokons to save and a Bird Portal.

Mudokon #12-#14: Ahead, you’ll reach an area covered in mines and sleeping sligs. Below and to the right, there are three Mudokons you can cure. To get past the mines and sligs, use a Brew bottle and a flare to burn the wooden platform above — it will drop explosives and clear the area out.

Secret Area + Mudokon #15-#16: Right after leaving the minefield area, there’s an optional lower path ahead. Drop down and follow the winding path down to reach a Royal Jelly and two Mudokons you can save.

Mudokon #17-#21: Back on the main path, you need to acquire Phatoline. Enter the cave and cure the Mudokon near the door. There are five Mudokons total in this cave — stand near the Bird Portal, and you can activate it without waking up the guard dogs.

Secret Area + Mudokon #22-27: Complete the Slig obstacle course to clear out all the snipers and disable the red electricity gate. Use the flamethrower flying Slig to burn all the wooden platforms in the main area with the snipers and defeat all the sligs. At the bottom, there’s an optional door to a secret area. There are six Mudos to save inside the secret area cave.

Mudokon #28-#30: Continue on the main path, and look below for a gated area with three easy Mudokons to save. They’re located right before the Bird Portal.

Secret Area + Mudokon #31: The final Mudo is located down the path to the left of the Bird Portal we just used. It leads down to a secret area. Smash through the crates to find the last Mudokon of this level.