Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Reunion At The Old Trellis

The Old Trellis looks like a nice break from the hard levels we’ve run through so far in Oddworld: Soulstorm, but it’s actually the worst of the bunch. This is a short stage, but it’s going to take just as long to complete for one small reasons — you have multiple stages of defense mission, and you only have your Mudokons to rely on.

While you can avoid the 4 Mudokons in this level, you will absolutely need each and every one of them for the finale. Taking these four workers with you is insanely important. If you don’t, you’ll have no backup for the defense sequence — and this is the level where you’ll learn all about Mudokon aggro. You can equip your Mudo pals with different weapons, which they’ll throw automatically at any Sligs they see. But… it doesn’t always work perfectly.

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Mudokon #1: Found scrubbing the floor near the first Slig encounter. Just say hello and take him with you!

Mudokon #2: Further down, there’s another Mudokon after riding the lift down. Climb up and knock out the Slig guarding him in the upper-right corner.

Mudokon #3+#4: After freeing the rest of your Mudokon buddies from the cave, you’ll find these two waiting before you use the huge lift where all the others climbs up.

To save the Mudokons, you need to sneak them to the end of the level — then use them to help you fight the Sligs for the big escape. You can hide them or equip them with Fizzy Pop to knock out Sligs while Abe apprehends them. Tricky! But it is possible.