Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | Phat Station

Oddworld: Soulstorm kicks into high gear in Phat Station. You’ll need all your skills to navigate the massive industrial station, guarded by dozens of Sligs and snipers. To save the Mudokon workers here, you’ll have to carefully sneak by soldiers, security cameras, and more. This level gives you access to Smoke Bombs — and you will absolutely need them. They’re the only way to avoid getting riddled with bullets.

There are 32 Mudokons to save here, and finding them is the easy part. Unlike most levels, there really aren’t hidden Mudokons here — they’re all right in your path, and there are only a few you need to go out of your way to find. What makes this difficult is you need to sneak through areas swarming with guards. If you’re caught, those Mudokons are dead permanently.

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Mudokon #1: Found right before the first sniper section. You’ll need to carefully lead your Mudo friend into the smoke to avoid detection. To save him, cross the sniper bridge and on the other end, drop off the ledge and go right. This leads you to a secret area with a Bird Portal.

Mudokon #2: Found right on the main path after passing by the second sniper. To rescue him, you have to backtrack to the previous Bird Portal in the Secret Area.

Mudokon #3-#8: Leaving Tank 10 through the moolah door, you’ll need to navigate the exterior, then go back inside to reach the Worker Jail. There are six Mudokons total inside the two cells for you to rescue. You’ll need these six to unlock the Work Whistle door.

  • NOTE: For most of the Mudokons in this level, you’ll need to carefully sneak them past Slig patrols by hiding in smoke or in lockers (double-tap Square) — you’ll have to cross long distances before reaching Bird Portals, but there are always Bird Portals waiting at the end of each section.

Mudokons #9-#11: At Row 2, you’ll find two Mudos after riding the exterior lift down. You’ll need to sneak them past the guards and flying Sligs. You’ll find one more at the center checkpoint. The Bird Portal is located at the Tank 20 door.

Mudokon #12-#14: Enter Tank D in Row 3, and you’ll find three workers right at the start through a door, after sneaking past the first Greeter Robot. Reach the exit to save them.

Mudokon #15-#16: Two more Mudokons are found after exiting Tank D – Row 3 in the exterior tank area.

Mudokon #17: In the same exterior tank area, there’s another easy-to-miss Mudokon. In the first part of the area guarded by a Slig and Flying Slig, climb up to the upper level and go right to find a lone worker.

Mudokon #18: There’s another worker in the checkpoint in the middle of this area.

Mudokon #19-#20: And there’s more worker Mudos in the second guarded section right after the previous Mudokon. One is scrubbing on the center platform (can’t miss) and the second is on the upper platform. You’ll need to climb up, go left to reach him, then backtrack down.

Mudokon #21-#32: All the last Mudokons are found at the Fueling Station. As you climb up and unlock the floor gates, you’ll be able to keep climbing up with more Mudos. Keep track and don’t miss any! There are 12 total in the final area.