Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | The Hijack

Ride the unfriendly rails in Oddworld: Soulstorm and save 15 more Mudokons in The Hijack. This straightforward level is packed with missable Mudokons locked-up in “cattle cars” — you’ll need to find levers or use monkey bars to reach hidden entrances. One of these is trickier than the rest and requires some flying firepower.

Like Phat Station, you’ll need to keep these Mudokons with you for a very long time. Unlike that level, you can actually knock out (or defeat) the Sligs with a variety of weapons. You’ll gain the new Hard Candy throwable, which knocks out Sligs in three hits. They won’t be out for long, but that’s still a whole lot better than nothing.

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Mudokon #1-#3: Climb up onto the first train car at the start of the level, and use the lever to unlock the “Cattle Car” — there are three Mudokons you can bring with you inside.

Secret Area + Mudokon #4-#6: Reach the car where you have to throw Rock Candy at a target, dropping explosives onto the green Brew below. Put out the fire, then go left (instead of right) and jump on the monkey bars to reach the underside of the previous car.

Mudokon #7-#9: Reach the area guarded by patrolling Sligs. Right past the cart with the falling explosives, there’s a car where a Slig is protecting a lever. Knock him out with hard candy, then pull the lever to free the three Mudokons inside.

Mudokon #10-#12: Past the Slig guards, you’ll need to pull a lever to lower the yellow gate. Right past that gate, there’s another lever. Use it to unlock the cattle car and free more Mudokons.

Secret Area + Mudokon #13-#15: At the “Break Room”, you’ll find a monkey bars path to your left leading to the underside of a cart with Mudokons inside, but the door is closed. You need to possess a Flying Slig and shoot the wooden underside, then you can swing over and save the Mudos inside.

That’s all the Mudokons. Now you need to safely lead them to the very end of the level. Just tell them to wait before the Mama Slig boss and clear the area before moving forward. Take your time and you’ll have no problem rescuing the rest of these Mudokons.