Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Get All Platinum Badges | Raid on Mosaic

Oddworld: Soulstorm brings this very strange series back into the limelight in classic sidescrolling style. This might be a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus, but it’s a departure in almost every way. The story has been completely reworked, and the gameplay is packed with new features — you have an inventory of items, you have crafting, and you can even pickpocket enemies. There’s a lot of new in this remake!

And one of the biggest new features is the Badge system. Every level has a set of badges you can collect — by completing certain challenges you’ll get increasingly better badges. Starting at Bronze, the more you complete, the closer you’ll get to the coveted Platinum Badge. So, to help you 100% each level, we’re breaking down how to get all the Platinum Badges, starting with Level 1 of Oddworld: Soulstorm.

Platinum Badges Guide | Raid on Mosaic

NOTE: To complete the SCAVENGER badge, you need to check loot containers. There are more than 20 loot containers, so we’ll cover where to find them for this level.

To unlock EXPLORER, SCAVENGER, and HIDDEN HELP, collect the items in the following locations.

Loot #1: When you encounter the first fire you have to clear out with water bottles, loot the containers here to get your first scavenger bronze badge. You can’t miss this one. Loot all four containers here.

Royal Jelly #1: Right above the loot spots, there’s a Royal Jelly in an optional area.

Loot #2: Check the container on the hanging bridge section straight ahead from the royal jelly. A rock will crash down and smash through the bridge — double-jump to the platforms and check the barrel.

Royal Jelly #2: It’s straight up and right from the loot container. Stay on the raised area to reach this one.

Loot #3 + Royal Jelly #3: In the same area, drop down to the bottom level. There’s a loot container right next to a Royal Jelly collectible.

Loot #4: At the second set of monkey bars, climb down to the lower platform above the fire.

Loot #5: At the fourth set of monkey bars, there’s another loot barrel in the same general location as the previous — on a lower platform, above fire.

Loot #6 + Royal Jelly #4: Ahead, you’ll encounter a slig shooting at you from the background. Stay on the lower path to find a loot barrel above a Royal Jelly, near the fire below.

Loot #7: Just to the right and above, on a small platform.

Royal Jelly #5: At the large bridge that burns, you’ll have to use monkey bars to cross. Wait for the bridge to crumble, then drop down to the bottom-right corner.

Loot #6: Continue until you reach the first (first easy-to-spot, it’s really the second) spotting of Soulstorm Brew. There’s a loot container on the platform below where the bridge collapses.

Royal Jelly #6 + Secret Area #1: Directly below the loot container, there’s a Royal Jelly in the right corner. Very easy to spot.

Loot #7: Go left from the secret area, and drop down. There are three containers here.

Loot #8: Drop down below and smash the Brew crates (right) and collect the containers to the left. This is where you need to use a Brew Bottle to burn the wooden wall.

Loot #9: There’s another wooden wall you need to burn ahead. Collect from both (2) loot containers.

Royal Jelly #7 + Secret Area #2: Use the first pulley to go up, and climb the rock ledges directly above / left at the top.

Royal Jelly #8 + Loot #10: Continue right from the pulley, and jump over the fire. There’s a slig shooting in the background — in the middle of the area, there’s a loot container and an easy-to-spot Royal Jelly beneath the ledge.

Loot #11: The last loot you need is on the path going upward, on a wooden ledge.

Royal Jelly #9 + Secret Area #3: Above the previous loot container, continue upward to find a hidden area with a Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly #10: Continue into another area where a slig is shooting at you, with a large platform in the center. Drop down to the bottom / left corner.

Royal Jelly #11: Roll under the center platform in the same area of the previous jelly, then use water bottles to clear the path to this royal jelly.

Secret Area #4: The last badge is found at the next wooden wall you need to burn down. Climb up above the loot containers to find a high ledge leading to more containers.

That should score you Platinum Badges for all challenges in Level 1. Level 2 is much longer — and if you’re aiming for all Platinum Badges, much more difficult.