Resident Evil Mercenaries Mode Returns in Village

Capcom revealed during the Resident Evil showcase this week that it’s bringing a new game mode to the upcoming Resident Evil Village — or, rather, it’s bringing back a classic mode from previous titles. That’s right, the Mercenaries Mode is back, meaning players will have more of the intense, timed combat missions that were so much fun in older games.

The Mode was introduced by Village’s director Morimasa Sato, who explained the details about the gameplay. According to Sato, it’ll be similar to past Mercenaries gameplay, with the player character taking on a variety of enemies with limited ammo and resources. Mercenaries veterans will recognize time bonus objectives and combo kills.

Sato also told players to expect some Village-based twists on gameplay. For starters, players will be able to visit a shop in between combat areas, helmed by The Duke. In this shop, you can upgrade your weapons, restock your supplies, and sell off anything you’ve collected. This allows users to customize their loadout before tackling each section, and reminds me of other games where you fight off waves of enemies. Users will also have access to “Abilities,” modifiers that strengthen your gameplay in one way or another, either by buffing your weapon damage or by increasing the player’s stats.

The only thing from Mercenaries Mode that doesn’t seem to translate from previous games is the ability to play as other Resident Evil characters. Usually, Mercenaries mode is a showcase of multiple characters from previous titles — characters like HUNK and Rebecca Chambers made appearances in Mercenaries mode long after they’d disappeared from the series’ story. As far as we can tell from the preview teaser, Ethan (or perhaps Chris) will be the only playable character in Village’s Mercenaries’ mode (and given that it’s first-person, we’re not likely to know if it’s anyone else).

Source: RE Site