Resident Evil 7: All Stabilizers & Steriods Locations | Upgrades Guide

Increase your health and reload speed with every Stabilizer and Steroid item available in Resident Evil 7. These permanent character upgrades offer a useful boost to your abilities — either increasing your max health or increasing how fast your weapons can reload. You’re likely to stumble into these special items for the first time in locked bird cages in the trailer save room, but there are more hidden throughout the environment.

Character upgrades are a surprising inclusion for a horror-oriented game, but very welcome from a gameplay standpoint. Your slow-as-molasses reloading gets some extra pep, and you gain a little more survivability. Avoiding death is always a plus, even if it means staying alive for that one extra hit. If anything, the steroids are a useful item to keep around for healing purposes. One use and you’re back at full health.

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All Stabilizers & Steriods Locations | Upgrades Guide

Stabilizers and Steroids are special one-use items that permanently upgrade your character. Steroids will instantly heal you to full health when used and increase your max health. Stabilizers increase your reload speed, meaning you’ll reload weapons faster than before. Both of these items are available to purchase at the trailer save point in the yard.

  • Stabilizer #1: Yard, Trailer – Sold in the Yard, Trailer save room. Insert 5 Antique Coins to unlock it. (Normal / Easy)
  • Steroids #1: Yard, Trailer – Sold in the Yard, Trailer save room. Insert 4 Antique Coins to unlock it. (Normal / Easy)
  • Steroids #2: Main House 1F, Drawing Room – Reward for completing the first Treasure Photo. Get Treasure Photo #1 from the Processing Area, on the metal shelves near the Scorpion Key location. Go up to the Drawing Room and interact with the large stone above the fireplace to discover a hiding spot with this steroid syringe.
  • Stabilizer #2: Yard, Projector – Reward for completing the hidden Yard projector puzzle. Get the Toy Axe from the Attic (accessible through the Kid’s Room after collecting the Snake Key) and place it on the pedestal in the Yard. The projector puzzle is behind the bushes to the left of the Testing Area entrance. Turn the Toy Axe so that it projects a “7” to open the chest.
  • Steroids #3: Testing Area 1F, Before Barn – Available in the Testing Area 1F. Before you enter the Barn, look for a supply room down the hallway that’s filled with explosive tripwires. The green desk contains an Antique Coin, and you’ll find Steroids in the lowest rung of the corner locker.
  • Steroids #4: Salt Mine, Secret Lab – Very easy to miss. Find the final Steroids in the Salt Mine, in the first room of the secret lab. Look between the two bathtubs to the right of the exit door to spot this well-hidden steroids syringe.

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