Resident Evil 7: How to Use the Toy Axe & Model Shotgun | Puzzles Guide

The Toy Axe and Model Shotgun are late-game items available to collect in Resident Evil 7 — and there’s no obvious use for either. Neither seems particularly important, but getting your hands on these completely-optional items allows you to unlock an upgraded shotgun and a reload speed upgrade. Not half bad, right? Here’s where to go and what to do.

Resident Evil 7 drops you into a nightmarish scenario. A psychotic family hunts you down as you explore their bizarre estate — it’s a total return to the series’ roots. You’ll solve puzzles, find keys, and do a fair share of exploring before encountering your first monster. In actuality, monsters are pretty rare and weapons are bountiful (but still limited) so this isn’t a traditional FPS in any sense of the word. There are even secret puzzles, including the two outlined below.

How to Use the Toy Axe & Model Shotgun | Puzzles Guide

After acquiring the Snake Key, you’ll be able to access the Attic in the Main House. Up the ladder, there’s an optional shelf with two strange items; the Model Shotgun, and the Toy Axe. These items are not required to progress, they’re completely optional. So, what are they actually for?

  • The Toy Axe is used to solve the hidden projector puzzle in the Yard.
  • The Model Shotgun is used to get the Broken Shotgun back from the soldier statue puzzle.

Here’s the basics; the Toy Axe is used to gain a free Stabilizer Drug, reload speed upgrade item. The Model Shotgun is used to acquire the M21 Shotgun, an upgrade over the firstĀ shotgun originally found in the Main Hall.

How to Use the Toy Axe

To use the Toy Axe, find the hidden projector puzzle in the Yard. It’s very easy to miss. Push through the bushes and tall grass to the left of the flashing Testing Area entrance. You’ll find a hidden Projector / Pedestal, and a series of numbers.

Place the Toy Axe on the Pedestal, and rotate it so the shadow resembles a “7” — once you get the angle just right, input and the treasure chest will crack open.

The chest contains a free Stabilizer. This is a permanent character upgrade that increases your reload speed. Pretty useful for the last stretch of the game.

How to Use the Model Shotgun

Using the Model Shotgun is a little more complicated. Basically, it’s only used to get back the Broken Shotgun from the soldier statue puzzle in the Main Hall. You can also swap-out the M37 Shotgun to get the Broken Shotgun back, but if you want to keep both shotguns, you’ll need the Model Shotgun.

The Broken Shotgun, once collected, can be repaired using a Repair Kit to create the more-powerful M21 Shotgun. There are only two Repair Kits available in RE7 — here’s where to get them both.

  • Repair Kit #1: The first Repair Kit is in a crawlspace in the Yard area. Look for a loose metal panel between the two steps on the back-porch. Interact to tear it off and smash the crate in the alcove to get the first repair kit. Most people will use this kit to repair the Broken Handgun, but it can also be saved and used on the Broken Shotgun.
  • Repair Kit #2: The second Repair Kit can only be collected after getting the third Treasure Photo. Grab the photo from the Supplies closet connected to the Master Bedroom. To find the treasure, enter the third room of the Testing Area and look in the corner for a cage with a mannequin head on top. Inspect the head to get this Repair Kit.

Whatever Repair Kit you use, combine with the Broken Shotgun to get the double-barreled M21 Shotgun. It’s a big improvement over the previous shotgun, and perfect for blasting Molded.

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