Resident Evil 7 GAME UK Collector’s Edition Has Been Cancelled

Resident Evil 7 comes in a Collector’s Edition complete with a replica of the Baker mansion that you explore in-game. Unfortunately, GAME UK cancelled the exclusive edition just before launch, and it refunded customers.

It turns out the mansion slated for UK owners arrived at GAME UK broken, which means there was no way that the retailer could possibly sell them to customers.  It has awarded a £10 store credit to those affected by the cancellation. Eurogamer has a copy of the notification the retailer sent those who had pre-ordered the Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition.

Some who have ordered the Collector’s Edition have been charged for it despite the cancellation. GAME says that it is still reaching out to those affected, so it will probably be figured out soon.

According to MCV, the GAME UK Collector’s Edition didn’t actually come with a copy of Resident Evil 7, so if you did pre-order the Baker Mansion, there would be additionally money down needed in order to get a copy of the game as well.

This does not apply to the other UK special edition, the Resident Evil 7 steelbook has no issues. However, there is also no word yet on the US version of this collector’s edition.