Pokemon Sun & Moon: 6 Ways to Prepare For the Pokebank Update

The Pokebank update is coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon soon, and you’ll want to be prepared before a huge deluge of additional Pokemon clutters the online ecosystem.

There are 721 Pokemon you’ll be able to access in Pokemon Sun and Moon after the Pokebank updates, allowing you to transfer everything you’ve caught. That’s a ton of new species. Don’t get completely caught off guard — get prepared with these tips.

For even more tips and info, check out Youtuber Austin John where we found lots of extra info and recommendations.

#1: Grab Every Pokemon in Sun / Moon

The Pokebank update will bring a total of 721 more Pokemon to the Alola Region, and add an endless amount of new Pokemon to the Wonder Trade ecosystem.

  • If you have Pokemon X / Y or Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, go back and capture / bank any Pokemon that are not available in Pokemon Sun / Moon.

#2: Get the Keystone in Ancient Poni Path

Mega-Evolutions are never required in Pokemon Sun / Moon, but you can unlock the ability to evolve select Pokemon after completing the main story and becoming Champion of the Alolan Elite 4.

Most Mega-Stones are available for purchase at the Battle Tree. Expect to find the rest after the update, as all Pokemon will be available to use in Sun / Moon at that time.

#3: Breed Lots of Rare Pokemon

If you’re looking to start getting amazing trades to fill in your missing National Pokedex entries, start breeding Pokemon that people want the most.

  • Here’s a trick to get Pokemon you want in Wonder Trade — find evolved Pokemon that are only available through SOS Battles in Sun / Moon.
  • Breed with a Ditto, send the junior Pokemon to gain XP and evolve at Poke Pelago, and use your army of Pokemon to get lots of Pokemon from the previous generations you want when the Pokebank update lands.

#4: Get All The Evolution Items

Evolution Items are available all over Alola, and many are required to evolve Pokemon that are only available in previous Generations.

  • Key Evolution Items / NPCs:
    • DNA Splicers: Aether Paradise, Secret Lab A — Talk to the female Aether Employee after completing the main story.
    • Gracidea: Hau’oli City, Hau’oli City Mall — Talk to the upper-right vendor in the clothing store interior, found inside the mall, to get this rare evolution item.
    • Kukui’s Computer: Melemele Island, Professor Kukui’s House — Use the computer in the basement of Kukui’s home to change the form of the Rotom Pokedex.
    • Prison Bottle: Aether Paradise, Secret Lab A — Received at the same time as the DNA Splicers.
    • Red / Blue / Griseous Orb: Hau’oli City, Hau’oli City Mall — Purchase from the Antiquities of the Ages shop in the upper-right corner of the mall. Talk to the left vendor. They cost $10,000 each.
    • Relic Song (Move Tutor): Hano Grand Hotel — Talk to the old man in the Hawaiian Shirt in the hotel lobby.
    • Reveal Glass: Dimensional Research Lab, Heahea City — Talk to Professor Burnet after completing Olivia’s Grand Trial.
    • Z-Crystals: Instead of Plate, Arceus changes form depending on which Z-Crystals it holds.

For more Key Items, check out our item locations guide right here.

#5: Unlock the Judge Function to Check Out IVs

Hatch 20+ eggs at the Ranch, then talk to the Elite Trainer to the right of the entrance into the Battle Tree on the Poni Gauntlet path. Once the IV Judge function is unlocked, you can actually look at the hidden stats of your Pokemon. Open the Pokemon summary in your Pokedex, then tap [Y] to reveal all IVs.

#6: Get Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console

Why? The Pokebank will accept Generation 1 Pokemon, but only from the virtual console release of Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow. You’ll be able to transfer Pokemon directly into the Pokebank, then to your Sun / Moon Pokedex. It’s really easy, and everyone wants those Generation 1 classics.

That’s all the tips we’ve found online. Don’t forget to check out Austin John on Youtube for more pro Pokemon videos. Got your own Pokebank tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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