Pokemon Sun & Moon: There’s A Gen 3 Secret In These Patch QR Codes

The official patch for Pokemon Sun and Moon is now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Released on 1/11/17, the 1.1 Update fixes a selection of issues for online and offline play — and using the in-game QR Scanner reveals a very special secret that might be exciting for players waiting for Generation 3 Pokemon to start appearing in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

When starting up Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’ll now get a prompt to download the latest patch — it comes in at 296 blocks to download. The patch is required for network features and online play.

  • All the Important Pokemon Sun / Moon Changes in Update 1.1 
    • Fixes a glitch with Z-Moves (Z-Parting Shot, Z-Memento) on Battle Spot.
      • Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento will not be allowed on Battle Spot until Season 2 beginning on 1/17/2017.
    • Fixes a glitch when opponent is knocked out by your knocked-out Pokemon wearing a Rocky Helmet.
    • Fixes a glitch that causes certain Pokemon (Kadabra, Confusion) to not learn moves after evolving.

To quickly jump into the eShop download menu for the free update, use the 3DS QR Scanner on the QR Codes below. Whatever version you have, it will automatically scan the proper code when using the built-in code reader.

There’s a little bonus when using these codes too — if scanned in-game, you’ll receive Pokedex entries for Generation 3 Pokemon that don’t appear in the Alola region.

How to Scan QR Codes On 3DS

  1. Tap L+R (Left Shoulder / Right Shoulder Buttons) at the same time or select the Camera icon to launch the 3DS Camera.
  2. Tap the QR Code icon (lower left corner) to switch to QR Scanner mode.
  3. Line up the QR Code with the square to begin scanning.
  4. The 3DS will ask you if you’d like to “Launch Nintendo eShop”.

What Pokedex Entries Do You Get In-Game?

If you’re new to scanning QR Codes in-game, here’s how it works:

  1. Load your save file in Pokemon Sun / Moon.
  2. Open the Rotom Pokedex
  3. Select QR Scanner — the camera will activate.
  4. Hold R [Right Shoulder Button] and line up a QR Code in the square.
  5. If successful, the image will appear in detail and begin scanning.

You’ll then unlock a non-Generation VII Pokemon, available to use immediately. Just stop by a local Pokecenter to pick your new Pokemon up and swap them into you team.

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