Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Fail Second Global Mission

After failing the first global mission, in which players were tasked with catching 100 million Pokemon in two weeks, many were hoping that the second challenge would be completed successfully.

The second global mission saw players use the Island Scan feature to catch or defeat 1 million Pokemon or more, something which many saw as a much easier task to complete. Many were confident that they could claim the reward of 4,034 Festival coins.

Unfortunately it has been revealed now that Pokemon Sun and Moon players have failed this global mission too. According to Serebii, players were only able to catch 661,839 Pokemon in total, which is quite a bit short of the 1 million goal.

It’s not as bad of a failure as the previous mission was (with only 16 million Pokemon caught out of the required 100 million), but it is still significant. Those who took part in the event will now only get 217 Festival Coins or 434 Festival Coins (if the player has registered their game on the Global Link).

Some may argue that this second global mission failure isn’t all to blame on the players. When the challenge was announced, it was noted that the Island Scan feature is not unlockable until later in the game. Meaning those who wanted to take part may not have been able to without grinding through the game first. It is also unclear how many have actually completed the game (including unlocking Island Scan), so the number of participants may have been smaller than anticipated.

It does not come as a surprise that some suggesting that the global missions should be retired; as “clearly” Pokemon Sun and Moon players aren’t interested in taking part. This enthusiasm does not really translate well to a global mission in which fans have to work together in the thousands to achieve a goal.

It is uncertain whether Game Freak will drop global missions once and for all. Perhaps the company will release a few more global missions with simpler tasks for completion.