Platinum Games Issues Statement Over Scalebound Cancellation

This has been a rocky start of the week for Xbox gamers. One of the most anticipated exclusive titles to launch for the Xbox One and PC platform, Scalebound, was officially killed off. Needless to say, there were quite a few upset gamers taking to social media outlets expressing their disappointment and questioning the decision as to why Microsoft cancelled the ambitious title.

For the most part, we still don’t know the specific reasoning behind Microsoft’s cancellation of Platinum Games’ Scalebound. No official statements have revealed what really caused the downfall of the game, but instead, there are only speculative answers flooding online. However, Microsoft’s Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, recently took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the cancellation.

All-in-all, Phil Spencer revealed that the cancellation of Scalebound was tough but ultimately better for Xbox gamers. Now, we’re finally hearing from Platinum Games on the matter, but don’t expect any information regarding why the production was killed off.

Instead, we have two statements one from the president and CEO of Platinum Games along with the Scalebound director.

President and CEO, Kenichi Sato, was disappointed that the production was ended for Scalebound but promises to continue in delivering high-quality video games, according to a post made on the official Platinum Games website.

“We’re sorry to say that on January 9, 2017, Microsoft Studios announced the cancellation of Scalebound. We are very disappointed things ended up this way, especially since we know many of our fans were looking forward to this game as much as we were.

Going forward, we will strive to continue delivering high-quality games to you, starting with NieR:Automata in March, and including products like GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link and LOST ORDER in the future.

We will keep working hard to meet your expectations and we look forward to your continued support!”

Likewise, game director, Hideki Kamiya, took to his personal Twitter account and expressed his disappointment as well along with killing off the rumors stating his time away from the project was due to a mental health issue.

From the looks of things, we may not see Scalebound release under a different publisher. Furthermore, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we get the official reasoning behind why this video game title was killed off.