Scalebound Cancellation Is “Better For Xbox Gamers” According To Xbox Head

The shock is still very present when it comes to the cancelled Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive Scalebound. This was a highly anticipated video game title set to launch at some point this year, though it seemed that the video game was randomly killed off by Microsoft after Platinum Games has been working on the title for a number of years now.

We’re still not sure just why the video game was suddenly cancelled as neither Microsoft nor Platinum Games have officially unveiled the reasoning behind this production being scrapped. This has led to plenty of angry gamers spewing endless comments towards Microsoft and the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Phil Spencer has replied to one Twitter user, an account for a podcast known as The Inner Circle, who was upset over the cancellation of Scalebound and hoped that Microsoft’s E3 presentation is mind blowing.

We didn’t get any reasoning behind why it was cancelled, but Phil Spencer stated that it was a “difficult decision” and one that believes is “better for Xbox gamers”. Just what Phil Spencer means by “better for Xbox gamers” is up for interpretation.

This certainly stings for Microsoft’s exclusive video game releases slated for this year as the list wasn’t all that long, to begin with. E3 will also likely be highlighting Microsoft’s upcoming console known as Project Scorpio, but for gamers who may not be willing to throw down extra money for an upgraded Xbox One console could find the upcoming event lacking, though this is purely speculative.

There’s no word on if we’ll see Scalebound continue on in production under a different publisher at the moment as this partnership between Platinum Games and Microsoft may have killed off that option from the start. Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait and find out what the development team does next.